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Things To Come

From a Facebook Friend's Social Media page. I wanted to go with the origin point for those wondering, it does not seem to be a link to a parody site or a spoof article.

For those wondering where some of the more far-out "Bernie Bros" (And Bernie Sisters) are looking to go down the road, the way the current election is going, this is worth a read.

This, for me, gives a hint why certain quarters of the Democratic Party, particularly folks with Finance and Business backgrounds, are starting to panic. Stuff like this is getting almost no "Airplay," but it is out there in the Hard Left zeitgeist right now. How much is "Bullroar" and how much is actual "Plan" is, of course, hard to say. However, the chatter is now out there.

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The ones who oppose Bernie are not the ones who are "Not only evil, but disconnected from reality."

The alleged timetable assumes Bernie's gonna win. Wonder what the timing of the alleged reaction to a loss of either nomination or election would be?

Hummm.......evil plant by the DNC? But, does seem to be consistent with long standing rules for revolution.

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Maybe Hillary is already helping Bernie think up excuses for the loss.
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