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Failed "Fake gun" robbery (Video)

When the bluff goes wrong: A Convenience Store robbery by two teenagers armed with a mock or toy pistol goes south on them, when an armed security guard with a real pistol shows up.

(Warning: Graphic Video!)

'Mine's real': Viral video shows security guard shooting fake gun-wielding robbery suspects - SFGate
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"Am I shot?"

"Oh f*** yeah."

I love it when the diagnosis is so clear cut.

Want a second opinion? You're stupid too.
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Revolvers still work.

Hard to believe someone had to ask if they've been shot. Wonder if he was on something?
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Okay, I hate to see anyone get shot; especially for something so stupid.

But that security officer is pretty entertaining to watch. He deals with the situation in such a nonchalant manner, like he's scolding his kids who just made a huge mess in the living room.
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Check this bad guy out.
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Both of these are great.
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Mispost, moved to correct board.

Wrong board, moving.

Last edited by DavidE; 08-13-2018 at 10:17 AM. Reason: Wrong board, moving.
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