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A BG at your window at night.

a friend lives in a rural situation with the nearest neighbor hundreds of yards away.
He was home and at 0 dark thirty his dog began barking. My friend grabbed his flashlight and handgun and began searching. He saw movement near a window of his home. Wallking stealthfully he slowly opened his rear door and began to creep around the house. He did not light his flashlight because he could hear someone at the rear window that was around the corner.
He rounded the corner and saw a large fellow trying to life the window open. My friend quickly lit his 100+ Lumen flashlight that was in his left hand and pointed his handgun in his right hand, the crook reached in his belt line but quickly showed both hands empty when he realized my friend was armed.
It was then that my friend realized that he had left himself in a position he couldn't call for help, with both hands filled he couldn't use his cell phone and the nearest neighbor couldn't hear him.
The BG began to back up and suddenly broke into a run. My friend did not see a weapon on the BG so he didn't shoot and he was barefoot so he couldn't chase.
My friend backed up into the house, locked up and called the sheriff. My firend went to the neighbors houses the next morning and one or two told him they had also found someone on their land. One of the neighbors identified the fellow as someone he knew and the BG turned out to be quite a dangerous guy.
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All in all a good response by your friend, Threefeathers. Let's face it, just about all of us would have both hands occupied responding to a night time threat. The only time I would be wishing for a weapons mounted light, matter of fact.

Bad guy left, no one was hurt. Situation contained and neutralized.
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Irish, you're kidding right? The guy hears someone outside his home trying to get in, so he goes OUTSIDE!, BAREFOOT!, to wander his perimeter! The only way this story could have gotten better is if he arrived at the window and found it open and then saw movement INSIDE his house! Dumb dumb dumb!
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This is a joke right? This guy broke so many home-Defense rules it's almost criminal.

1.) If someone is trying to break in you never leave the home.

2.) Call 911 before you do anything else. Hand the phone to your wife so she can keep in contact with them, leaving you the job of defense.

3.) Ascertain which window he trying to come into and go there and wait if you must. It's your home, you know where everything is. Advantage-Good guy.
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to ALL,

here in "wild & wooley TEXAS" we police/civilians SHOOT burglars LAWFULLY between the end of evening nautical twilight & the beginning of morning nautical twilight. - most armed householders/police would have shot him at the point that he failed to immediately surrender!

i suspect that the local SO would have responded to the report of a seriously wounded or dead housebreaker, if the incident was here. = that's the MAIN reason that we have less & less house/business burglaries, per thousand population, every year than most states.

otoh, going outside (especially barefooted), rather than waiting in ambush, was DUMB.

yours, sw

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I'd do what that 92 year old did, just sit, wait, and hold a steady aim. When the BG appears squeeze off all but one just in case he's still moving or another appears.
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to ALL,

when i called our county's SO on "my personal night of terror & fright" (which the "oldtimers" here know all about), one of the first things that the deputy asked me was: "Did you shoot anybody, yet?"

i said, "NO."

he responded, "WHY NOT?"

i said, "I can't see them, as they are out beyond the floodlights".

yours, satx
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The windows of house should be very secure and defensive.
The use of grill necessary for outside windows security.
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I don't like grills I guess the fire possibility is what scares me.I have to think though why did the BG proceed if the dog was alerted?Must of been a small dog and just vocal enough for the owner I guess.Myself shes about 80lbs of mischief if something is just in the yard and she p/u upon it she goes bonkers.The dog is my first line of defense she sleeps inside and most times at the foot of the bed.
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