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Stock Advice

> I called my stockbroker and asked what I should be buying.

> The response: "If the current administration is in office much longer, canned goods and ammunition are your best bets."
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Re: Stock Advice


Some of us have been "prepping" (as it's often called) for quit awhile now.
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Re: Dangling Conversation

Simon and Garfunkel's A Dangling Conversation could be the background music for this thread now...We figure since nothing's happened in four-five-six years now, we must be in fine shape. "...Cast in our indifference, like shells upon a shore--you can hear the ocean roar..."

WHAT is the reality of what you've done? Are you gonna jigsaw pieces off a Krugerrand to swap for some toilet paper if the U.S. Dollar goes south? Some would say, not IF, but WHEN. If we're reduced to a barter system even for 6 months to a year, God forbid, what do you have to trade? I can't boil and eat those pieces of a Krugerrand, but I'll trade you a third of a brick of Rem .22 GB for that goat you just dressed out...How about a quart of kerosene for those 4 rolls of toilet paper? Do you have bags of silver dimes? If I've got enough faith in our country (it's a couple of quarts low right now) I MIGHT give you these 2 squirrels for a fistfull of that junk silver, but if someone thinks it's slid off the edge and never coming back, he'll tell you to fry those dimes and wrap 'em in a tortilla...

The "upside" to preppin' is if you're "stacked deep" (as Mr. Jack Stanley says) you really can't have too much .22 or toilet paper or kerosene, can you? You might have too much dehydrated spaghetti in "Mountain-size" no. 10 cans, especially if you don't like spaghetti, but if you have a shop, or a shed, then something as simple as 3 or 4 cases of paper towels would be usable or tradable. Is that a word? Guess it is now...And if you have 3 adult women in your household like I do now, you need to get imaginative and creative. Don't make me spell it out...just make room for it.

Were you a "prepper" for Y2K like I was? What did you learn (besides how to wipe off the crap that comes your way because it came to nothing. Screw' em. They're idiots that can't see that $ BILLIONS were spent so that it would 'come to nothing.')
I never said "it will." I always said "it could." I've learned a lot. Not braggin', just hope you did too.
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Originally Posted by TommyGunn View Post

Some of us have been "prepping" (as it's often called) for quit awhile now.
Here's a good site if you are interested in prepping: Prepper Forum / Survivalist Forum
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I have to agree with JJ. While precious metals can be a good hedge against a bad economy in a catastrophe I can see where it would be foolish to give up useful things like ammo or food for something of no immediate use.
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With the lesser value of silver I think it is a much better bartering piece than gold. I can see giving up an ounce of silver for an item I need/want but I doubt there would be anything worth trading an ounce of gold for. Maybe a fully stocked, full of gas, with guns and ammunition, SUV, but that would be a rare offering from somebody. They would have to be desperate or crazy to trade it.
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Skepticism meter at Spinal Tap's Amps, mine goes to 11.
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May I gently suggest that you change your location to: DSA??
(There is nothing united about this country anymore.)

I may very well live to see at least ONE new country carved-out of the current union of states: Los Estados Unidos de Azatlan, which were formerly AZ, CA, OR, NM, NV & WA.

yours, sw

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I'm starting to try to round up all my family's Series EE savings bonds and seriously considering trying to cash out as many as we can while the getting out's still good.
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Originally Posted by suman View Post
Skepticism meter at Spinal Tap's Amps, mine goes to 11.
My spidey sense is tingling too suman. Your location says USA, yet you are posting from an IP in Pakistan.
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