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Re: (snicker...) he's storing food...

Not a real emergency, but my stash has come in handy a time or two when money has gotten tight (when you're trying to pay down debts and wait for individuals to mail in checks, things do get slim on occasion).
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you can't repel more than a half dozen men armed with longarms, if they just know to attack at night, snipe from a distance, or cover a vehicle with RR ties or something to stop rifle bullets. The real answer is not be where anyone knows to look for you. The food, etc, should be buried/hidden, and you need a little spiderhole so that you can get out of sight and start enlarging your dugout. Then if anyone finds the hole pre shtf, it won't do them any good, and they won't bother to return there.
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weird man..
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I'm not predicting a long life there. Either the moderators or the medical types will get him.
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