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Spent Fuel Pools and Toxic Materials

I've been reading some stuff here and there on the net and learned a few things that could be of concern in an extended SHTF senario. If the power goes out for an extended period of time facilities that store liquified gasses such as chlorine, anhydrous ammonia, LPG or LNG will loose their ability to keep the tanks cool. Without cooling the tanks can heat up enough to vent their contents. Now an LPG or LNG facility should be able to generate power on their own until they exhaust their product but that doesn't mean they spent the money to generate power.

The spent fuel pool at a nuclear plant is typically forty feet deep with the spent fuel rods stored at the bottom of the pool. The radiation from the spent fuel heats the water causing evaporation. The evaporated water needs to be replenished. If the facility shuts down and is abandoned the backup power will eventually run our of fuel and shut down and the water supply system will shut down. The spent fuel pool will evaporate, even boil away and the exposed spent fuel could ignite spreading radioactive material over a large area.

Anyone living downwind from such a facility could be in for a rude surprise.
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Re: Spent Fuel Pools and Toxic Materials

I live 30 miles away from a reactor. It has a nice lake thats good for fishing & skiing/swimming. The water is always nice a warm!
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Re: Spent Fuel Pools and Toxic Materials

Yeah ... I'm just south of Brown's Ferry reactors. I guess if it goes into extra sizzle mode I can be my own nightlight from then on .... ... .. .
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Re: Spent Fuel Pools and Toxic Materials

Thank Comrade Carter for this one. He put out a Presidential Order forbidding recycling of spent fuel rods, in the US of A. I don't even think we can sell them to the French who specialize in such recycling.

Who notes every President since has failed to rescind the order.
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Re: Spent Fuel Pools and Toxic Materials

Actually Skeptic, the U.S. has been working with France on re-centerfuging rods of "spent" nuclear material. It is supposed to drop the waste immensely (IIRC), from something like 80% waste down to less than 5%.

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Re: Spent Fuel Pools and Toxic Materials

Fukushima is the extended SHTF scenario suggested in my original post.
Japan Nuclear Disaster Caps Decades of Faked Reports, Accidents
Back-up diesel generators that might have averted the disaster were positioned in a basement, where they were overwhelmed by waves.

“This in the country that invented the word Tsunami,” said Brockman, who also worked at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. “Japan is going to have a look again at its regulatory process and whether it’s intrusive enough.”

The cascade of events at Fukushima had been foretold in a report published in the U.S. two decades ago. The 1990 report by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, an independent agency responsible for safety at the country’s power plants, identified earthquake-induced diesel generator failure and power outage leading to failure of cooling systems as one of the “most likely causes” of nuclear accidents from an external event.

While the report was cited in a 2004 statement by Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, it seems adequate measures to address the risk were not taken by Tokyo Electric, said Jun Tateno, a former researcher at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency and professor at Chuo University.
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Re: Spent Fuel Pools and Toxic Materials

Originally Posted by TommyGunn
Yeah ... I'm just south of Brown's Ferry reactors. I guess if it goes into extra sizzle mode I can be my own nightlight from then on .... ... .. .
IrishCop and I are right there with you. If "It" happens, we can get together and be a chandelier...

Katrina, now Japan...Central Alabama looks better than ever.
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