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In a true SHTF deal, how are we going to reload ammo? I have seen formulas for blackpowder, brass could be melted down and reshaped but what about smokeless powder and most importantly, primers? Primers are considered to be an explosive device so I would think that manufacturing them would require a great deal of care. Not something I want to attempt on the run. Any thoughts?
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A much better plan would be to include those items in your plan. Cache all the ammo you can and you won't be reloading. Right now mil-surp ammo is cheaper than reloading so buy plenty. I keep a few thousand primers around in case I get the urge to reload, but also have stocked a lot of ammo as I believe in a real SHTF you or I should say I, won't be wanting to reload ammo. Chances are, I won't even be trying to stop and pick up my brass.

If things ever did stabilize to some state of normal, production of these reloading componets would probably show back up on the market. The way I got it figured, I'll probably be dead before all my ammo runs out anyway.

PS. Did I mention that you should buy all the ammo you can afford and cache it so you won't have to worry about running out?
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Buy and store primers, powder and bullets. Cases can be reloaded many times (at least 5 unless you're loading to high end pressures) but smokeless powder is hard to make, and primers almost impossible without industrial capacity.

But, 100,000 primers can easily fit into an ammo can.

Powder doesn't take much space, either. Nor do jacketed bullets - I can get proaably 400 .223 bullets into the space that 40 rounds of loaded .223 takes in stripper clips (ballpark estimate).

If we're in a SHTF solution so long that you run out of 100,000 rounds of ammo, others will have to work on weapons development.

Plus, stockpiling ammo components means you'll have some if the leftists "arsenal" laws ever come to pass.
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Just a thought, but you could always reload now and stash the surplus stuff just like Wild Trapper said. Of course any surplus you buy should be checked for point of aim and accuracy in your rifle(s). Record the results in your dope book for referance.

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There are many reasons to reload. Amongst the best, should space/weight be at a premium, is that 100000 rounds of a reloadable caliber would be roughly half the weight of ammunition. But let's break it down just a tad. About the most effective bulk/weight ammunition would be 9mm. 100000 bullets for reloading would be something on the order of 3/4 of a ton! And if space were a factor, you'd need a 20mm ammo can for the primers, and something like 60 pounds of a powder like 231. Certainly this indicates the requirement for caching- unless of course you could fit all this in a BOB- in which case you wouldn't need to reload anyway.
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