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Originally Posted by Diamondback View Post
KG, I have no problem with "old designs"--my EDC sidearm's engineering IS older than even my oldest living relative, after all... LOL and my only problem with an old-school coachgun would be the lack of ready ammo on-tap.

Well, that and the fact that so far in my experience I have one of those misshapen shoulders that it's all but impossible to make a stock fit into, paired with the stubby arms that come with being a short guy (5'6"). LOL
About 15 years ago I picked up a cut down Ugartechea 12 ga, which is a downright decent Spanish double gun. But some idiot cut down a not very cheap gun, and turned it into a cheap gun, but with a little style. It had a coin finish receiver with some respectable light engraving. The wood was rather straight grain, but had beautiful color. The tubes were quality barrels, not even mono-blocked; this was a good quality double. 19 of tubes though. When it had what Im assuming were 28-30 tubes, Im betting the gun was probably just over 6lbs. Now missing most of that length, she was just a touch over 5lbs. Well I was going to use it for a home defense gun and maybe, just maybe some Cowboy action. So I needed to see how she handled with some #4 Buck with a maximum charge behind it and a 2 shell. The first shot hit me like a left hook from a light-heavyweight. The stock was a bit too short, and when a double guns stock is too short, they smack you in the face. Well, I was dumb enough to pull the trigger a second time. I had a thundering headache for the remainder of the day. I had a small cut on the inside of my right middle finger from the trigger guard which hit with enough force to draw a little blood. That gun was sold within a week of that outing. Since then, Im more than happy to stick with my pump guns, or like these days; I have an old 20 bore Remington Model 11 that does double duty as a defense gun.
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KevinGibson & everyone,

Until it was stolen in a house burglary in 2012, I had a "cut down" 12guage Double-barrel, that my guys in CID called "THE INTIMIDATOR" = When you got out of the car with that weapon, suddenly "everyone wants to go to jail", as most every crook has an idea of what a sawed-off 12guage will do at close range.

yours, sw
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For home defense, the best option is the light gun as it is easy to carry and handle in case of emergency or attack.
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yours, sw

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Don't waste your time, how many Texicans do you know that don't know how to spell Houston? That with the obvious ESL and Pakistani IP address makes me think I smell a rat.

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I use my Armytek predator light like a handheld one.
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Here's what I've got on my 870 clone you can do the same if you so choose.

Nordic components +1 extension
GG&G follower
Stock magazine tube spring
Magpul moe forend cerakoted magpul od green.
Magpul miad grip in od green with grip tape.
Magpul moe stock with cds tactical neoprene cheek rest with limb saver butt pad with IWC moe stock sling adapter.
Mesa tactical 870 leo adapter
Kynshot hydraulic adjustable recoil buffer
Magpul forward sling mount
Timney sear with 3 pound spring
Remington 870 police dog carrier spring.
Tacstar metal plate with industrial strength velcro cut to shape and an skd tactical 7 shot shot card.
Wilson combat jumbo safety
Cerakoted patriot brown over manganese park.
800 lumen inforce wmlx light
Vickers vcas padded sling

You can get +2 with the Nordic +1 extension ggg follower and the stock magazine spring.

870 clone on the bottom

Mine has ghost ring sights. That's what I like on my shotguns!

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