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Remington 1100 question?

Me and my father both shoot remington 1100 special fields. We both have the standard 21" barrell except his is an older one that does not have the rem. chokes. Does anyone know where we could get a good new or preferribly used 21" vent rib barrell w/rem chokes?

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I checked my usual places for new Remington 1100 barrels and came up empty.
I had a gunsmith put Rem-chokes in my improved-cylinder 11-87 barrel several years ago. I think it cost around a $100 not including the choke tube. Check with you local gunsmith(s) and see if they offer that service or know who does.
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Thanks Tonk, I had thought about that but, didn't know if it would work. I'll call my gunsmith and maybe he can fix me up.

I appreciate it,
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First I'd ask what the choke is now? If it's improved or skeet, then chances are you'll never need a different choke.

The need for different chokes is highly overrated and perpetuated by a gun press that doesn't know squat about how shotguns and more importantly shotshells work.

In the top eschelon's of Sporting Clays competition you rarely see people swapping chokes from stage to stage anymore. They've all learned that they're either 100% hitting or 100% missing and the choke has little if anything to do with it.

I have broken (not on a regular basis...I'm still getting there) clays cleanly beyond 50 yards with a shotgun choked Skeet I & Skeet II. My pro (instructor) had me do it to teach me a lesson.

With an open choke like a Skeet or Improved, you can hunt just about anything shy of waterfowl and turkey. The trick is varying the quality of the loads.

If you're shooting doves, then use the cheapie shells from Wal-Mart that come in the boxes of 100. These have soft shot and will throw very open patterns.

Step up to Winchester AA or Remington STS for quail or Doves that are out there a bit.

For Phesant stick to the pricier (meanting better quality shot) factory stuff in the shot size of your choice. For long shots, look for buffered shot.

Simply put, there isn't a shot at an upland bird I can miss and blame on not having enough choke. I could possibly miss a few for having too much choke.

The reality is, with today's ammunition and guns, most people are shooting more choke than they think they are. Because your choke says "Improved" means nothing. I've seen many a Improved shoot good quality ammunition (Remington STS) into patters that were much closer to full choke. That's because the ammunition is using good quality lead/tin shot and protecting that shot well.

Also, consider going to lighter loads when looking for tighter chokes. Less velocity (all things being equal) generally equates to tighter patterns. Don't get caught up in the current craze of looking at the velocity claims on the box of factory ammo. With that higher velocity you're paying a price and that price is almost always in the form of more deformed pellets.

This is why someone can go to a clays range with a 2 3/4 dram eq. 1oz 12 ga. load, which is a very minimum load, and when they hit the clay it looks like it's been hit with an anti-aircraft missile. Less deformed shot = tighter patters = harder hitting, regardless of velocity.
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What GunGeek said! I would only add an advisory to take a variety of ammo out and see what a pattern board has to tell you.

I have an 1100 Special Field for which I bought a Remchoke bbl. I most often use the IC bbl. that came with it. It patterns beautifully with just about anything I throw in the gun (no complaints about the Remchoke bbl) but if I NEED a full choke, I prolly need a different gun. I find the gun's length and balance to be more of a limitation, for long range shooting, than barrel constriction. YMMV.

On Remington's website they list dealers of obsolete Remington gun parts.

Good luck.
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