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Opp's on a major network.

Hey, everyone knows that you take 3 rounds on the 25 meter Zero Target and center the pattern for your AR15/M16/M4. Good to go at 300 Meters.

Everyone involved in competition knows that you toss out the first 3 rounds as spoilers, and then center your next 3 rounds as a pattern and zero regardless of caliber or distance.

Every simple hunter knows that you zero your your first round to the expected distance of your quarries, irregardless of the caliber.

Is there a question as to why Snipers Cold Bore their Zero's at 300, 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, and 2000 Meters? (Maybe even a couple of increments more.)

So what is your perspective on ZEROING your rifle????????

Now, how do you fair against others perspectives when Zeroing thier rifles?

You might be the mightiest at 300 meters or less, but what chance did you stand if someone had the time to engage you at say 1200 Meters??????


PS Should you/do you, zero your hunting rifle to it's cold bore shot?

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Discussed this in a different forum:
Groupie or Ho' Chaser? Zeroing the Rifle

One shot zero.

I'm told the one shot zero is taught by the H-K countersniper shool.

Who just bought a Caldwell Lead Sled on sale at Academy, hey I'm lazy and I need to work 4 1/2 rifles. (2 AR uppers, but I'm thinking of adding a lower.)
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