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Hey guys, my marine buddy gave me some blanks for my AR but for some reason or another i have a feeling you need something special to fire them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone.
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In order to fire blanks, you need a blank firing device.

For the 20" M16A2, M16A4, M16A1, M16, AR15, need the RED painted device.

For the 16" CAR15, M4 semi auto LEO, etc. and for the
14.5" M4 and other SBR's, you need the YELLOW painted device.

Device slips over the flashhider, etc. and then you screw it in using the "key ring". No A1, A2, flashhider, it won't work. So, brakes are OUT or neutered barrel with no flashider are OUT also.

If you do not have a device, then you have to manually operate the bolt to fire the blanks.
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Thanks a lot for the help. So I can fire the blanks but no blowback. Thanks again.
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Watch out with the blanks. They are dangerous out to about 30 ft without the blank adapter. Bits and pieces of the powder and some case material will come out. Also use lots of oil [breakfree] and all that crappy burned powder usually cleans out good. These blanks are very dirty and the powder smells like .22 ammo, leaves the same residue.
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