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shep854 07-03-2012 06:30 PM

Video: Rebuilt Rhodesian FAL
This is some funny stuff! A little strong language, though.

Skeptic49 07-04-2012 02:02 AM

Now that harks back to the early SOF magazines.

Who notes that rag went down hill, pity.

stand watie 07-05-2012 04:23 PM


i'd bet that he is an old NCO (from "somebody's" army), as he sounds like every e6-e8 that i ever knew.- SGM/E9 usually "talk somewhat differently".

it's FUNNY. wherever i went in the Army, regardless of country, ALL the "old soldiers" recognized one another, even when out of uniform.
(when i was working for a "sometimes/occasionally reliable government agency", WAY down south, we met with a "subofficial major" of the host nation & he sat there looking SADLY at all of us (in our "mussed civies"- we had just "crawled off of a plane" & had had no sleep for 30+ hours.) until he spied a MSG/E8, who was to be called by the name of Bishop. - he said to "Mr Bishop", "Thanks be to Almightly God that at least one professional is here to keep these officers straight. - i have, now, some amount of hope".
(by this time i was having a REALLY hard time NOT LOL.)

"Mr Bishop" walked over to him, smiled & shook hands & said, "My name is Tom. We can make this work.".
(we has NO more host/guest problems after that!)

yours, sw

Oddbod 07-08-2012 07:28 PM

That's a terrible attempt at a Brit accent but most amusing.

stand watie 07-08-2012 08:46 PM


i more rather thought someone from out in the Empire.

yours, sw

shep854 07-09-2012 05:28 AM

I know an ex-pat Rhodesian and he has the same accent.

IrishCop 07-09-2012 01:01 PM

"POS M-14"??? Okay, I take that kinda personal! :rolleyes: I had a Springfield M-1A that I was real fond of. Under 1MOA at 100 yds, and NEVER had a malf.

I know this was kinda tongue in least I hope so....but sheesh!

I had the opportunity to fire a Brit soldiers FN at Lackland during the SP Command Matches in 1979. The damned thing was big and long and ergonomic nightmare! At least it was for me at the time (5'8" and 150 lbs Yeah Shep, a LONG time ago!) The best I could do was a 5 inch group at 100 yards from the prone position!

t-star 07-09-2012 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by IrishCop (Post 526925)
"POS M-14"??? Okay, I take that kinda personal! :rolleyes: I had a Springfield M-1A that I was real fond of. Under 1MOA at 100 yds, and NEVER had a malf.

I know this was kinda tongue in least I hope so....but sheesh!

I had the opportunity to fire a Brit soldiers FN at Lackland during the SP Command Matches in 1979. The damned thing was big and long and ergonomic nightmare! At least it was for me at the time (5'8" and 150 lbs Yeah Shep, a LONG time ago!) The best I could do was a 5 inch group at 100 yards from the prone position!

you take that kinda personal???- i was ready to come right through the screen and rob him of his manhood a la " apache woman" - i've got 4 m-14s in my rack, and i consider them to be possibly the greatest rifle since the FLINTLOCK; even surpassing the garand- and mine aren't m1a's either

shep854 07-09-2012 02:20 PM

My stock M1A just smiled...;)

stand watie 07-09-2012 10:40 PM


NOW you've stepped on my toes. - "even surpassing a garand", my happy foot!

yours, sw

t-star 07-10-2012 07:01 AM

well, look at it logically- all you have is slightly longer' legs,' ie the difference between the the 308 and the '06 i won't get into the "heavy bullet" arguement as it doesn't apply here- both are sensitive to heavier than the issued bullet-the 14 is superior in every other respect - 20 round magazine, availiable for scope mount, possible select fire , i don't have to go looking for a clip after 8 rounds,and i can do a partial recharge- the garand is all or nothing-

stand watie 07-11-2012 11:15 AM


imVho, what we should have done was convert all the MILLIONS of perfectly good re-arsenaled Garands into 7.62 NATO & modified them with 20/30 round mags.
(this could have been done "in house" by the same arsenals that did the rebuilding originally, as rifles came in for rebuild. = Beretta converted thousands of garands for "certain foreign military forces" for less than 100.oo each & made "a tidy profit" doing it. - RRAD & many other US arsenals could have done the same at a MUCH cheaper price per rifle & provided many good-paying jobs to Americans. = in other words, we NEEDLESSLY spent BILLIONS of taxpayer's $$$$ for NOTHING.)

COMMENT: i am decidedly NOT a fan of the M16 or M4, as i regard them as UNSUITABLE for a MBR. period. end of story. - FINE for "ranges to 200M" & UNSUITABLE beyond that range.
(evidently the US military agrees, as i'm told that we are trying to BUY BACK the equipment that "wee willie klintoon" sold for "peanuts" to Taiwan, for $$$$$$$$$$$$.)

yours, sw

t-star 07-11-2012 11:56 AM

i seem to remember that the development board came out with a thing called a t-44 or something that enveloped most of the changes transitional to the m14. it's in different's book somewhere- but there were problems, just like there were with the first shipments of winchesters, or h&rs- anyway, from the gist of report, the r&d guys gave up and decided it was more economical to build a whole new rifle- i still question the 1/12 twist instead of just using all the garand blanks which were 1/10- i'm of the opinion that a faster twist is ALWAYS better; look at the '65 version of the m16 ( 1/12-1/14) vs the a2 or better- 1/7-once you get above a certain level( bird) our military is populated by MORONS

stand watie 07-11-2012 01:02 PM


you are correct. -it was the T-44 & it had some "teething problems" BUT the Beretta folks made it work WELL & there are THOUSANDS of the BM-59 still in use in several countries. - i got to shoot a BM-59A1 (the full & semi-auto "SAW" model) in a "place way down south" before i retired/rotated to CONUS. - it worked WELL, though it is "a climbing fool", till you learn to fire SHORT burst of 2-5 rounds.

based on my 26 years of USA service, the "R&D folk" ALWAYS want something more expensive & complicated to have the taxpayers fund. FACT.

yours, sw

t-star 07-11-2012 01:34 PM

as much as i love the bm59( i also had one at one time) , the magazine does NOT migrate between that and the m14- the 59 uses a stepped mag tube up front whereas the 14 has a smooth side, save the indents for the follower- all mine are isreali cast- offs, including one AS NEW ( read unissued) trw
i remember going into the white elephant in spokane and going "into the back"- if you know what i mean- and buying a whole box of mags for like 20 bucks- 2 rows of 10 with a space in the middle- everybody wanted the 30 mouse gun mags at the time- these he couldn't move

stand watie 07-11-2012 08:23 PM


imVho, the FIRST Beretta BM-59 was THE BEST of the lot. - straight semi-auto. = truth be told, i see NO real good reason for full-auto BM-59 in REAL combat, as it gets too HOT & "quits" soon (as does the M-14) to be anything like a squad automatic weapon.
(that's why there are things called: LMGs.)

fwiw, IF the M-14 had not been conceived/bought, there would be NO need for the BM-59magazines to "migrate".

as for me, i won't likely buy anything more than the superbly accurate Danish Garand that i have for a SHTF weapon, as i TRUST mine. = my "mills belt" holds enough ammo in 8-round clips to be in a goodly skirmish, much less anything that i'll ever face again in this go-round (i'm 65YY.).

NOTE: if push came to shove, my 2 brothers-of-the-heart (& the 3 ladies, who are all shooters!= one of the ladies is a DEAD SHOT with her .243WIN semi-auto, out to 250M or more & ALWAYS gets her deer.) & i could hold off a good-sized force,from our mountain-top lair (if i'm there), as about 3/5 of "the perimeter" is straight DOWN over 200M.= truthfully, we have enough weapons & ammo on the mountain to START a good-sized holding action. = the local sheriff & his bunch are "good friends" & that helps, too.
(the last time i looked, we had over 10K of M2 ball, alone, in the vault & enough food/water for >12 months.= LOTS of snow/ice in the wintertime, so we are SET, if we are SNOWED IN.)
we are FAR from alone, as there are LOTS of well-armed neighbors, too.
(ya'll oughta see "shooting day" in our neighborhood, as it LOOKS like the NG is out.= LOTS & LOTS of ex-CMP garands up there.= fyi, one neighbor has, at last count, about 25 as he is gathering up every variation & maker's product.).

SHOULD that BAD DAY come & i'm here in south TX, we aren't defenseless here, either, as we can flee onto the post, which is just 150M away = as a retired GI (MP) & his DW, they won't turn us two away.

yours, satx

t-star 07-12-2012 07:09 PM

my plan is to "defend in place" rather than bug out- i just happen to be in the tactical hot point for the whole neighourhood- and no, i didn't spell that incorrectly-NOTHING gets by my hard point- while something like an m-14 version of a eureka battery gun would be ideal, anything along the lines of a machine gun would do- and it's NOT the corner house- however, i also have a complete webbing for all four m14s and a couple of rucs if needed - plus, i have HORSES within walking distance

stand watie 07-13-2012 01:19 AM


IF you lived in a small frame cottage (about 5-6 months a year) just 150 METERS from a major Army base (so that we are near my lady's doctors & PT/OT therapy site AND where the winter is MILD) & was a 65YY retired GI w/lady "on wheels", perhaps you would think differently - the fort is just across the 4-lane street & the gate is 2 short blocks away.
(fyi, if i asked, i'd bet they would send MP patrols & a crackerbox ambulance to pick Sandra up.= instead, should that BAD DAY come, i'll drive her over to the rehab center/hospital & then go TRY to "join the party".= being an MP is, like being a Marine, FOREVER.)

otoh, if it's the other 6-7 months of the year, i'll have a spot on the mountain lair's perimeter & my trusty garand/model 12.

NOTE: IF needed, our neighbor (who has the at least 25 garands) will pass them out & we'll provide the ammo to friends/family, who needs some.

yours, sw

t-star 07-13-2012 07:43 AM

so you're just "outside the wire" - where i live, the frawggies took both of our bases away;in other words there is nothing, and most of the neighbors are terrified that i even have guns- i've had one gladys cravvitz call the cops on me when i was loading up to go to the range- we get fall/winter( we hit -30 last year, most years its -40)_about 10 months of the year-so it's an entirely different scenerio- i'm alone, ( think omega man) but if i can make it to the horses, i could probably survive- and i do have a special rig for the handicapped out there- it only takes about 10 minutes for a wheeled person to mount( we've got a hoist) if the patient doesn't "help" - 15 to half an hour if they insist ;
not to be insulting, but did you run into the distaste for "meatheads" or "snowflakes" that was so common when i served?

stand watie 07-14-2012 08:14 AM


UNDERSTOOD. = YEP, we are just outside the wire in TX. - i can literally throw a rock into the post & this is a "military town", so you're thought to be "just a bit peculiar" if you are NOT armed.
for example, our "government hill district neighborhood watch" is all nearly ex-servicemembers or family & armed to the teeth. our "little group" works in teams & is "in bed with" the Pct 3 Constable's office, has suitable radios & the constable's patrols "come a-running", if one of the 2-person teams call for help.
(these days, if we're "in town", i do a little teaching for the new team-members & first tell the new folks, "The Constables will be on scene in 5-10 minutes from your first call, so "Do NOT engage 'the suspicious persons'. Simply find a covered & concealed position, observe the situation, make notes & quietly wait for their arrival. When the Constable's arrive, tell them what's 'going down' & show them your notes, politely ask if they want you to do anything else, (if they do not need your help) make/file your written report to your group leader & congradulate yourself on 'a job well done', as we NW folks are NOT here 'to fight the gangs, prowlers, burglars & thieves'.")

that's the story from "the old folks" in "the little cottage near downtown" & i'm sticking to it.

yours, sw

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