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Kalashnikov Conumdrum

Yesterday I found a WASR 10 for a pretty cheap price. Yeah, I know about the cheap wood (so I don't need to worry myself over dings ) and other things -- atleast the sights are on straight!

I have a problem ... or atleast a query, for all you experienced AK guys.
Yesterday evening I removed the receiver cover, via, of course, that button on the back of the receiver. I had the [email protected] time getting it back on. Not the bolt, spring, etc. I mean, that d####d stamped metal cover just DID NOT want to go back into the slot in front of the receiver and that button thing WOULD NOT reseat itself properly!!! After maybe ten-fifteen minutes of saying things that my mother doesn't know I know, I did eventually get it back on right.
My question:
Is there some trick that will make this easier?

Yes. I do understand this is a cheapo AK. That's good. All I want it to do is work and be reasonably accurate ... like hitting the side of the barn I'm aiming at as opposed to shooting my foot off when I'm aiming 180 degrees the other way .

But it would be great if I didn't have to get into a debate with that felgerkarb receiver cover ..........

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Re: Kalashnikov Conumdrum

Don't baby it. Get the front of the cover in it's slot, the rear square hole the button comes through on about 1/4 to 1/2 of the way then pop it hard.
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Re: Kalashnikov Conumdrum

sometimes the square hole needs a little file touch-up...mostly on the bottom.
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Re: Kalashnikov Conumdrum

Two good methods:

1. Put the front of the cover in the notch at the front.
Press FORWARD.... HARD on the back of the cover with your thumb, as you sharply press downward on the rear of the cover.
Violent slapping and hammering is not required.

2. Put the recoil spring guide on the front edge of it's seat in the receiver.
Caredfully put the cover on the receiver, and sharply pull the op handle to the rear.
The recoil spring will snap into it's slot and lock the cover in place.
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Re: Kalashnikov Conumdrum

Thanks, i have fought that cover many times. It seems to finally go on about the same time as i give up. I hate being beat by a piece of metal.
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Re: Kalashnikov Conumdrum

Hereís how you do it.

Start by putting the recoil spring button in the top cover hole. Now move the top cover and the recoil spring as a unit forward together until you get the front of the top cover into its groove in the rear sight base. Now give the top cover a smack on the back, near the recoil spring button; done. Itís easier to show you, than it is to describe. Just get that button in the hole first; Iím betting you can figure it out from there.
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Re: Kalashnikov Conumdrum

Some of the dust covers are out of spec on teh bottom, and hang out a little far impacting the receiver. Makes it TOUGH to get back on. Then again, some pop on easier than real AK's so go figure.
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Re: Kalashnikov Conumdrum

My two Yugos go back together in a snap.
My Galil is a battle royal getting the cover seated back down over the reciever top.
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Re: Kalashnikov Conumdrum

I sold my AK and built a Vz-58 instead. That seemed to cure the problem!
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