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Newbie ap74

New to forum so hi all from bottom of the world (well close)

Just picked up a jager ap74 but needing a couple parts but can't seem to find any online

Looking for rear sight and muzzle brake, if can't find is there any one out there who could take pics of the parts so I could make them?

Hard to find down here in New Zealand

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Sadly, AP74 spare parts are virtually extinct, and absolutely nothing from AR15 will fit it, except the sling. I have one with a broken firing pin--I'll eventually have to make one from scratch when I get around to it.

For a flash hider, you can wrap the barrel threads with black friction tape and then screw a standard AR flash hider onto that. Inelegant, but it actually works--I did that with mine.
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The AR-15 or M-16 flash-hider can be silver-soldered onto the barrel. = A man in New Braunfels, TX has successfully done that.

The rear sight, I fear, is a job for a competent gunsmith or machinist, as there seems to be NO spare parts for the AP-74; the AR sight isn't the same at all.

yours, sw
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Bummer that's pretty much what I thought muzzle break I will do as you guys suggest as for rear sight was thinking about getting one of these ar 15 flip up sights I see on eBay taking it apart and using that...
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Originally Posted by Kiwicollector View Post
was thinking about getting one of these ar 15 flip up sights I see on eBay taking it apart and using that...
Not bad. But don't spend the money for a flip-up, and don't get an expensive one. You can get a cheap Chinese copy carry handle with sights for about $25. You MIGHT be able to adapt the Chinese parts to fit your AP (or vice versa), and if it doesn't work, you're not out much. Or, get the handle, cut off the whole top rear "corner" of it, cut away the same area on your AP (if you're following me), and epoxy or screw the Chinese stuff to your upper receiver.

Two more ideas:

1. Go optical. A scope base for the carry-handle ARs can be modified to fit the AP, then you can put a scope or red dot on it.

2. This one's cheap and easy: Get a little strip of thin steel, bend it into an L-shape, and drill an aperture in the short end. Mount this to the AP carry handle in the appropriate area with a screw. The screw mounting will give you windage movement, and you can bend the long leg of the L up for elevation. Experiment with double-sided sticky tape before you drill your screw hole, so you can get in the ballpark with size and shape (you can even experiment with plastic or cardboard to establish dimensions). In fact, your simple leaf peep will be so protected that you might be able to get away with just mounting it with the double-sided tape and forget about the screw altogether.

Being both cheap and crafty, I think this is the way I'd go with your project....

BTW, I assume you've already checked this out, but if not, here's where to get the few remaining AP parts:

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You could probably do a fairly good job of mounting a "flash hider" by using a good epoxy glue or one of the stronger bond Loctite type bonders.
Unlike center fire rifles the flash hider on the .22 isn't going to blow off if it's properly bonded.

If you're not sure about that, if the flash hider is steel, use a 3% silver bearing soft solder.

As for making one, that's not too terribly difficult.
Use bar stock, bore a hole and thread it to fit the barrel and machine the outside to shape.
I once had a custom flash hider made and the machinist used a gear cutting bit to cut the slots.
This looks almost exactly like the slots in an M16.

The job would be even easier if you use aluminum bar stock.

The rear sight can be made from steel or aluminum stock.
Make up a "try sight". This is just a piece of thin metal with a deep "U" notch, glued or taped to the receiver.
Simply shoot the rifle and shorten the try sight until you know how high the rear sight needs to be.
Measure that and make the real sight to the same height.

Drill and tap the sight for the windage screw, and machine it to an "L" shape if you even want to go that far.
Other wise it's even simpler to machine a straight bar with threaded hole.

Here's Gun Parts Corps schematic.
This may help in making the parts:

AP74 JAG Accessories | Numrich Gun Parts
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Thanks all , have a few ideas now will put up pics once have sorted it out!!
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