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Most accurate .22 rifle for $300 ?

If you had ABOUT $300 to spend on a .22LR, and accuracy was important to you, what would you buy? Don't worry about sights as it will have good glass installed.
Any good feedback on Rugers bolt gun as far as accuracy goes?
Ideas, opinions ?

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Re: Most accurate .22 rifle for $300 ?

Originally Posted by Skipper49
Any good feedback on Rugers bolt gun as far as accuracy goes?
Ideas, opinions ?
If you look about halfway down this page, you will find a very detailed discussion of the Ruger under the thread "77/22 Thoughts?".

For an accurate $300 bolt .22, pick out your favorite model of the CZ. The 452 American model seems to be popular.

$300 should also find you a nice example of the old Winchester 69A. These are almost always quite accurate, and as an added bonus, it will only get MORE valuable in time, since they're not making them any more. If you're scoping it, made sure you get one with a grooved receiver.
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The Savage MKII target .22s are some of the most accurate I have fired. I have yet to talk to an owner of one who says that it isn't tack driver. I have one with Williams front and rear target sights, I had to start shooting it at 100 yards, as anything less was getting boring. My son has one in .22LR and one in .17 HMR, both are tack drivers, especially the .17 HMR.
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I gotta go with the Marlin 39A. I've had a few Scoped-Models that were extremely accurate. You can still find them, used, in the $300.00 range.
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I just picked up a nice old Model 69A myself...

Shoots like a dream! I dumped my newer Model 94/22 to get this one.
I'm sorry, but the newer Winchesters just don't feel as good as the older ones...

Personally, I think the end of affordable accurate .22's came about in 1966 with the advent of the "plinker' such as the Nylon 66 and the 10/22. Oh, sure, the plinkers are fun, but sooner or later you get tired of mediocre accuracy and want a real rifle again. Nothing takes the place of a rimfire that is built the same way, and with as much attention, as a centerfire.

And as long as I am ranting, stay away from .22 ammo that uses a
superlative as a name: "Zapper". "Yellow Jacket" ; "Thunderbolt",
ect...Heck, I've been buying the PMC Match Rifle LR simply 'cuz its accurate and consistent~~who cares if its slower as long as it
hits where you aim it...

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I'd vote for an H&R M12 from the CMP. Only $225 and spooky-accurate.
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For the money, I'd give two thumbs up for the CZ's. I'm not a target shooter, but my 452 Lux will consistently pop cherry tomatoes at 50 yards. Unless someone slips up at the factory, they seem to have it together - accuracy, looks, fit and overall quality. This is not a knock against other makes at all. I've just found everytime I pull my 452 from the gun cabinet, I have a sense of satisfaction that I never regretted purchasing it for a steep sum (for rimfires, anyway), and when asking myself what would have served me better, I personally can't think of a make or model in that $300 range that would suit me as well. Also, the gun stock fits me when using iron sights. That was one of my major considerations. To scope it took a tall set of rings and a cheek piece. It worked, but strictly for scope use, one of the other CZ models would be a lot easier to work with. The only big improvement I can imagine would be one of the 453 models with the single set trigger...which costs a lot more.
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I would also give the nod to the cz452 i dont care for the american i perfer the feel or the euro stlye stock on the lux or trainer modles.
In a simi auto factory gun i like the tc 22 classic but it pushes $300. real hard. Or you could get 2 romanian trainers for 300 and have 2 accurate rifles and just about have enough left over for a brick of wolf mt.
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I have a CZ 452 American and enjoy it very much. Superbly accurate and I enjoy shooting the white caps off the plastic bottles that friends hit with their .22's. It shoots Velociters like they were made for each other.
My son just bought a Savage Mako and he can now match my shots with the CZ. The Mako is a limited edition with a radical thumbhole synthetic stock, the Savage Accu-trigger and it fortunately likes the cheap Federal stuff from the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart)
Both rifles shoot bragging groups with the Lapua Biathalon stuff.
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