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K98-M48 German Mauser?

Was thinking about getting one from Mitchells. This will be my first bolt gun. Is ammo for this( non-corrosive, 8mm surplus) available for this weapon at low prices? How would it do with a scope? Am I better off getting a 1903 from CMP instead?
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Hey, dont worry about the corrosive ammop in a bolt gun, Read my Post about corrosive ammo in the General Battlerifles Thread.
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Will do....Thanks.
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Just my way of thinking but...

These Mauser's are nice but no real history YOU can connect them to.

I have a nice one from NAZI occupation of Czechs slave built but no real nazi marks. I have hunted with it and it shoots great.

BUT an 03 or A3, you have a tangible piece of US history. You look at WW1 and WW2 photos of the 03 and wonder is that MY 03?

If you see the combat film of the guy shooting the A3 in the pacific you wonder, is that the A3 I have in my hand?

It is just my opinoion but I would pick up a real piece of history and stay with CMP. Get an 03 or A3 now and a Garand later. I say that because the supply of Garands is much grater than Springfields.

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I would suggest that you get a Russian Capture or Yugo Capture KAR98k for around $200. You'll be getting a rifle that the Russians pieced from original German K98's and you'll pay less for it, than you will for an overpriced M48 with no history from Mitchells. Here's an RC K98 I received from SOG. AIM probably is the best place to get one though IMO.

Keep in mind an M48 is not a German K98 and they are not interchangeable. THe K98 is a large ring full sized action and the M48 is an intermediate action rifle built by the Yugoslavs. The M48 came about after WW 2 and is only a copy of the K98. Overall the action on the M48 is approximately 1/8" shorter too.

Here's my Yugo M48 that I got from Century for only $70. The bolt does not match the rest of the rifle but it's still a nice shooter and everything else is matching.
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Thanks for the info gents.
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