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Unhappy Homak Junk

Just a word of warning about Homak gun cabinets.
I just received a six gun cabinet that I paid over 200$ for. It had a large dent on one side (No damage to the shipping box or packing material so it came from the manufacturer like that). It will hold at best three guns without optics. It is cheap Chinese junk. I tried to contact the company and got no response. Do not buy this garbage. You are wasting your money.
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Old 08-18-2020, 12:29 AM   #2
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We bought one, they work ok for what they were ment to do.
Little better than a glass face gun cabinet.
Just good enough to keep the kids from playing with your guns.
“Locks keep out only the honest,”, determined criminals have broken into better safes.

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you get what you pay for!

I just saw one in a basement closet of a house my daughter is in the process of buying. The seller decided not to take it with him. The lock does not work and the door does not shut properly. I suggested she have her movers throw it out when she moves in so that she does not have to do it herself. The Craftsman cabinet I bought at Lowes is better protection than that thing and holds more ammo in the same space.
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