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Marlin 1894 question

Anyone know if their 1894 rifle/carbine in .44 Magnum will feed rounds over 1.61 inches from the magazine?
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My Handloads...

...measure 1.590. Inasmuch as no one else has replied, how about making up some obvious dummy rounds of the length that you're contemplating and seeing whether a dealer who has the Marlin in stock will let you try cycling them through the gun?
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Thought about that, but don't know how big a mess it'd be if they won't feed. I've got a real nice revolver load with the Lyman 429421 with an OAL of 1.710. I checked with Henry and they say their product is designed around the 1.61 in SAAMI spec and don't want to hear about hand loads.

It's a completely different format and not ambidextrous, but I can take the dummies and check out the magazine on the Ruger 77-44 off the gun.

Thanks for the reply.
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Marlin knows this rifle is frequently used in cowboy action shooting and I'm guessing most shooters reload. With that in mind, there is probably enough play to accommodate. Please note "guessing" and "probably".
You might try a call to Marlin.
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I hate it when you ask a question and people respond with comments that don't answer the question, or answer a different question, or answer the question they wish you'd asked.

So that's exactly what I'm going to do. In experimenting with my '73 Winchester (.357 magnum) I found that it was more picky about bullet shape than OAL. It really doesn't like the semi-wadcutter profile. If yours is anything like mine, you're not going to have a lot of luck getting those Keith-style bullets to chamber. I hope I'm wrong because it's always great when you can carry a single load for your six-shooter and carbine, but that's what I've found.
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