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Winchester 94 Mystery

Twenty or so years ago I bought a Winchester 94 that has a pre war serial number. Externally the rifle looked like it had spent lots of time behind the seat of a pickup truck. Nearly all of the finish was worn off and something that looked like urethane coated the stock and some of the metal. The forend was cracked and there was a crack forming in the stock. The bore was sharp and shiny and the action felt tight. I bought it and had it shipped home to a friendly FFL. I had some new wood installed and had the rest of the rifle parkerized. It looks pretty good but the wood needs some final touches.

Now for the mystery: The serial number is 1328xxx which puts it well past the 1942 production numbers that started at 1287469. In 1942 the book says Winchester made 29981 model 94's. This would put the ending serial number at 1317450 assuming they didn't skip any numbers. In 1949 Winchester resumed production at 1500001. Did Winchester produce a few 30-30's during the war, possibly for law enforcement?
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This may or may not be an answer to the mystery.
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When I was a student in IOAC at Ft Benning in 1974, we had an 1LT of Eskimo Scouts in our class. - He said that both his father & maternal grandfather were Eskimo Scouts in WWII & that other family members were also Scouts in WWI.

He said that the Eskimo Scouts in WWII & for years afterward were armed with Model 94 rifles, US Rifles Model of 1917, 03A3 Springfield rifles & other weapons. = He said that there is a federal regulation that specifically allows unit members to hunt with the issued weapons/ammo.

Being the "gun nut" that I am, I asked him if there were "special markings" on the rifles that are issued to the unit's members 7 he said, "Generally no but some have a rack-number pained onto the stock."

yours, sw
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To All,

Fwiw, (as I've said on another thread) my grandfather said that in early 1942 that "government men in suits" appeared in Northeast Texas & bought up every firearm that the hardware & farm stores had, other than.22 rifles/pistols & .410 gauge shotguns.
(He also said that at least some of those "commercial buy" firearms ended up in the hands of RRAD security guards, to the security force at the Prisoner of War Camps at Texarkana & Tyler & also were issued to the guards at the USN facility that was once on the property of Lone Star Steel Company in Lone star, TX.)

Note: In 1943, when my uncle came home on convalescent leave from the USN (He had been WIA, for the first of at least 4X, in the South Pacific), the ONLY firearm that he could find for sale at any price was a circa 1934 Winchester Model 42 Skeet-gun.
(My dad bought that little .410 for me in 1960 for 35.oo cash, with 3 1/2 boxes of shells. - I still have it.)

yours, sw
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