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New Barrel Break In

So,,,,, I have a new Fulton Armory barrel installed in my M1 carbine. Next week I going to the range and do some shooting. Being the anal-type that I am I started surfing the web on 'How to break in a rifle barrel'.

Man,,, the recommendations are all over the board. From 'scrubbing the bore after every round fired for 50 to 100 rounds' to 'just shoot it'.

The gun is all USGI except for the barrel and receiver that I replaced due to damage from a bolt failure. (Another story.)

My thoughts were to shoot 10 rounds of 110g/FMJ then running a Hoppe's barrel snake with Hoppe's #9 barrel cleaner on it a couple of times. Then running another 10 rounds through it with a cleaning after. Maybe I'll do this about three times.

Any suggestions???
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The famous sniper rifle builder Gale McMillan said barrel break in is not needed and is a waste of time. You can Google his exact comments.
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This info is in numerous posts on the 'net.
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I was always skeptical about barrel break-in procedures, but then I watched this video from Sam Millard over at Panhandle Precision (the panhandle referred to is the one in Idaho). If you haven't discovered Sam's videos yet you're in for a treat. He's a down-to-earth precision shooter who has a congenial way in front of the camera. He builds and loads for some amazing rifles, and has quite a YouTube following.

Anyway, here's his take on bore break-in. It's specifically targeted (pun intended) at high dollar custom chambered barrels, but has a lot of info that will probably apply to us lesser mortals and our not-so-custom new rifles:

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What does the Government Weapons Manual state?
The M-14 Manual works for all M1A's etc.
The M-40 Manual works for all Remington Bolt Actions.

If you follow the prescribed procedures that every GI has been trained with, odds are you won't be to far from correct. JMHO.
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Hey All,

I've studied up on the sources you all suggested. 'CaptainGyro' I really enjoyed Millard's video. He is a pleasant resource to watch and listen to.

All of the opinions have weight. I have to remember that this mix-master M1 carbine that I have is most-def not a high end match rifle or a $$$ sniper rifle. Also, I am not positive, but I'll wager that most WWII carbines went straight from the depo the the field and shot.

So, I dropped a note off to Fulton Armory (Clint, jr.) asking him what his dad recommends for their barrels.

I did examine my chamber / barrel with a very good fiber light and I could not find any evidence of 'reamer chatter', but this was with the naked eye. Actually, I was very impressed with the bore. My wife has a Winchester Model 94 that has never been shot and my new Fulton barrel looks better.

So I thank all of you for the suggestions and replies. If Fulton tells me something interesting I post it.

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