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Re: Photo's of your "Battlerifles" [General]

USGI rifles; trench guns, '03 Springfield, M1917, Garands & M1As



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Re: Photo's of your "Battlerifles" [General] also some riffle.
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Re: Photo's of your "Battlerifles" [General]

hi all..hey albertgill nice collection of guns
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Re: Photo's of your "Battlerifles" [General]

It's an old picture and much has
changed, but you get the idea...

Enlarge Image
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Originally Posted by Duster
P-dog getter.
I'm glad finally found the guy my "I Love 308" girl has been cheating on me with.

We are fight'n

But first my FAL:
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My Oldest Battlerifle

New Model 1863 (1869 Conversion) Sharps Carbine

A relative who lived in New Mexico gave this carbine to my father back in the late 1930s.

Since the carbine has been converted to 50/70 I researched further and found this information in Sharps Rifle, The Gun That Shaped American Destiny by Martin Rywell:

1869 Cartridge Carbine. Cal. 50 reduced from 52 cal. because the bbls. were relined. The bbls. were bored out, a liner inserted, and then rifled. The lining job was done at Springfield Armory. Bbl: 22" Overall: 39" Weight 9lbs. 9 oz. These were 31,098 Civil War guns altered between Feb. 1868 and Oct., 1869 by Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Co. for the government according to the contract Nov. 2, 1867. A new breech block replaced the percussion type.

While checking the info available in the archives and collection at Springfield Armory I found a notation regarding a converted New Model 1863 in their collection to the effect that some of these Sharps Carbines may have been used by New Mexico Territory Volunteers in the Spanish American War. Makes one wonder if this old piece saw action in Cuba as well as the Civil War?
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milsurpfan, that piece, and the backstory, are neat!
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Originally Posted by Snake45 View Post
Here's two of my favorites from two different eras. If the AR looks a little "funny" in dimension, it's a 16" barrel with the relatively new "midlength" handguards--many people have never seen one yet. It makes a very nicely balanced package.
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My german battlerifles...

Got some German battle rifle:
Gebirgskarabiner G.33/40 1940 mod. and a Mauser 98k Oberndorf byf 42 and finally a code 337 from BSW mod 1939
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You see the WH Tompson,M1a,Garand(1956),03,BYF44,G43( matching #.),FN49 (Argentine Navy),VZ24 and the STG44(replica.22) and the my baby Inland 44.
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The work station for my reloads and this is about as clean as the shop gets always some wood project in the works.This is my man cave on the other side of that door is office/hobby room for models and such.
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