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Rifle Storage Options

What are some unconventional ways for storing rifles that you have come across?

I'm basically looking for alternatives to storing in safes. I know that Tactical Walls and Q Line have some cool furniture with hidden compartments.

I'd like to compile a list of options for people that can't afford or don't want to use conventional safes to protect/conceal their firearms.

What have you seen that looks effective?
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This looks good for small numbers:

Who has a few too many.
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While The Choices Are Limited...

...I like Mogul Security's LifeJackets for people who either can't afford a safe or who need to store a firearm closer to hand.

Inside the home, I recommend lag-bolting the the case to a wall stud, preferably where it will remain out of sight, such as behind a door that swings over it, should the burglar enter that room.

These are sold in two handgun versions, one for AR rifles and one for most repeating shotguns. If you use more than one - possibly one inside the home and a second bolted inside a vehicle - and order directly from Mogul, you can specify that they all use the same key. I wear the key on a lanyard around my neck.
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i've a couple of nonfunctioal freezers for my guns- vertical ones- everybody thinks where I keep my game meat- and they're tall enough to take mounted shotguns- my buddy uses a hot water tank that he installed a door in
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Originally Posted by t-star View Post
my buddy uses a hot water tank that he installed a door in...
Now that's a good idea.
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Old 02-06-2018, 06:40 AM   #6
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Worth considering. There is news out today that suggests that the theft of a gun can happen to anyone:

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There are as many ways of hiding a gun as there are thieves who can find them.
Physically securing the gun beats hiding it, but both are best.

Whatever is used, nothing beats locking the gun up in such a way that it can't be removed.
Among the better methods are police type or home type shotgun locks.

To be safest, these need to be bolted into main support beams or concrete walls with very long, heavy duty bolts so the gun itself can't be used as a lever to twist it off.

I know one man who mounted a shotgun lock between the bed and a window where it can be reached from the bed.
The window curtains cover the gun and few thieves bother to look behind an open curtain.
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I've been toying with ideas of Hidden In Plain Sight, like:

--Coachgun "door handles" in an Old West-themed room
--Floor lamps built around a cluster of dummy AR's plus a concealed-quick-release live one
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