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Question about Mossberg Rifles

Those new Mossberg ATR-100s (and probably the 4x4, too, but I haven't seen one) appear strikingly similar to... well... every other push-feed rifle that's been produced in the past fifty years. Are they a copy of something else, or did Mossberg really come up with their own design? I don't have the rifles to take apart and compare, or I'd check myself.
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That’s a tough question. Are they a copy of something else? Well, since there’s very little new under the sun, the answer would be yes. Is it a direct copy of an existing rifle, no. Although it has many similarities to the Remington 700, they are distinctly different rifles. Trigger design, extractor, firing pin, magazine, floorplate etc are different. I’d say the biggest difference is in quality…I’m not impressed with the quality of the Mossberg. For a low cost entry rifle, I really like the Stevens Model 200.
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