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Question about chrome.

I'm lookin at a gun that is 100% all chrome, and was wondering if it;s possible to coat this gun with another finish, such as parkerizing.? would I need to have the chrome stripped first, and is that even possible? Wouls somthing such as Duracoat, or Bearcoat work? Any help would be appreciated .
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Google "paint over chrome" and you will find all kinds of answers to this question. Most seem to be negative unless you strip the chrome but if you read everything available, you might run across an idea that works.
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The best way to deal with this is to have a plater strip the chrome off.

First, the plater will determine WHAT the finish is: chrome, hard chrome, bright nickel, or other.
Then he will basically reverse the process and DE-plate the metal.
After the top layer is stripped, he'll strip any copper undercoating as used on most chrome and nickel finishes.
With the plating gone, the gun can then be given any finish you want.

There are other ways to remove plating, but they have problems.
One is to bead blast the plating off.
The problem here is, it's easy to over-do it and cause excess removal of steel.
The big problem is, tiny bits of plating is left in cracks and pores of the steel, and when you try to apply a chemical finish, it fails to "take" on the remaining bits of plating.
Results are, the gun looks like it's got tiny white freckles.

I suggest sending the gun to a good plater who offers GUN plating.
They all offer stripping services, and many offer any number of finishes that can be applied.
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"...would I need to have the chrome stripped that even possible?..." Yep and yep. However, like dfariswheel says, it depends on the chrome. If it looks like a bumper, it's no big deal. If it's sort of a greenish colour, maybe not.
Mind you, the firearm you're looking at matters too. It may not be chrome. Or, in the case of a chromed DP(drill purpose) 1903 Springfield, it may not be worth the expense. DP'd 1903's are usually not safe to shoot.
What is it?
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