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Remington to acquire Marlin. ... 1293.story
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Now as long as the bean counters don't dictate to the engineers on how to make firearms...
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Originally Posted by ScreamingCockatoo
Now as long as the bean counters don't dictate to the engineers on how to make firearms...
I ain't gonna hold my breath waiting to see if they don't interfere..
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Hopefully Marlin quality will be maintained, and Remmie won't phase out the NEF/HR single shots in favor of its atrociously ugly Russian Spartan imports.
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Looks like the Walmart of firearms,,,and Wally is getting out of gunz I understand. Where will they dump their 'seconds' ?
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I'm getting very concerned about the number of firearms' companies buy-outs lately. Cerberus buys DPMS, Bushmaster, etc. Remington buys Marlin, which just bought NEF. If this continues, we'll be lucky if there are actually more than two or three companies producing firearms - at least in the US.

Why is this a problem?

1) Decrease in competition. Prices go up. Choices go down. As ammo prices are super-high at the moment (and will continue for the forseeable future), this might turn shooting into a wealthy-person's only sport, like horses and golf.

2) With only a handful of companies, it makes it a LOT easier for the Anti's to squeeze 'em for things like: so-called "smart" guns, ineffectual action locks, and other stupid gee-gaws. Look at California right now - they just passsed a bill (and Ah-nold was dumb enough to sign it) to require microstamping. A technology that everyone says is not only unreliable, but easily circumvented. Now, if a company wants to sell a pistol in CA, they have to figure out how to incorporate microstamping into it, greatly increasing the cost of that pistol.

3) They can put a handful of companies out of business a lot easier than a few dozen. Then, we either only get foreign-made firearms (subject to arbitrary "sporting use" decisions); or nothing at all.

4) Look at the ammo situation. We downsized several government ammo plants into one, Lake City. Then, we declared war on Al-Qaida and Iraq. Now, we have everyone who can make a case and load a bullet loading ammo for the military, and it still isn't enough - and the commercial market suffers for it. What happens when we are involved in a major war, and we have only two or three companies capable of producing an infantry rifle? Let alone, other small arms? What do we do then - ask Russia to make us AK's? What if it's Russia we're fighting? Ask the Chinese to make em? What if they say no? What if we're fighting the Russians AND the Chinese? We're screwed...

And that's just what I came up with off of the top of my head right now. Never mind anti-trust stuff, price fixing, etc.

Doesn't worry you? Then, I hope you have each and every firearm you've ever wanted, a deep, deep hole in which to hide 'em, and three lifetime's supply of ammo hidden away for each one.
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Old 12-31-2007, 06:12 AM   #7
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What's to stop a mega-conglomerate from purchasing them, then deciding to just shut down factories? You know, from a political activist stand point.

"Regulatory" boards set up for the "protection" against monopolies in banking, already approved tons of mergers that should have never taken place.

As I see it, this is a great opportunity for small, local manufacturers...ala Herters, or Lazzeroni, etc. They can step in and fill the needs.

Until the bans/over regulation.

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just remember that cerebus own remmie, as well, they own about 50% of the american arms production right now.
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