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M98 Mauser - Need options on rebarreling or re-chambering

I have a near perfect M98 Argentine Mauser in 7 MM that I am considering rebarreling or rechambering to a more popular and plentiful (meaning surplus ammo available) caliber. It would be nice if I could simply rebarrel the rifle to .308, but I think the pressures are too great for the receiver. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do? What about rebarreling to 8MM?
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If it is a model 1898 NOT an 1891 or 95 it should be perfectly safe to rebarrel to 308. If you want to buy a lot of the cheap 8mm before it is all gone an 8mm bbl certainly makes sense.Sarco has large ring 98 military bbls with allegedly excellent bores for 42.50 so it is a comparatively cheap expeirment. Good luck!
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if it's a 98 mauser, you can use just about any caliber you care for i had a brazilian mauser in '06 but the bolt bubbled when the smith tried to reposition the handle for scope mounting- after that. it would hit the receiver ring at 1 o'clock when you closed the bolt- and it bound pretty good too- - not that i'm qusetioning your judgement but 93 model 7.65 aregentines are far more common
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If it's a near perfect example of this rifle, why would you want to rebarrel it in the first place? Why not leave it as-is so as to not ruin it's collectibility and then take the money you were going to spend on the smithing job and buy your self a nice Yugo M48, or a Russian capture K98, etc. in 8mm Mauser? That way you'd keep your nice Argentine Mauser perfectly safe, but you'd also end up with another rifle in the collection.

Of course, it's your rifle and you should do with it as you see fit... but I just thought I'd throw that out there in case you hadn't considered it.


~ Greg ~
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