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Combat Target Acquisition Test 7615 Police Patrol Rifle

The 7615 was tested for another 48 rounds today. (Total rounds on barrel 121). Rear sight was removed so now the only thing I have to look through is the Aimtech see through mount and results showed excellent system ability. Still using the 23 gr. of Accurate 2200 with 55 FMJBT Winchester bullets and using a 6 o'clock hold at 100 on a “D” Target I shot a 2 ½” group. Then I shot another 2 ½” group using the scope set at 3X.

Using a 6 o’clock hold it prints about 9” low so if one covers the point to be hit with the bead front sight it hit about 5” low at 100.
Possibly with 69 grain ammo the POA as compared to POI will be closer.

Next I tried a rapid target acquisition sequence with the set up. First string of 9 shots I fired with the R U Ready timer, rifle at semi ready position, butt at hip. Range 25 yards.
Using the Aimtech see through base as a rear sight and the front sight I engaged the target in the following times:

1.70 seconds
1.57 seconds average. All shots were within the 5 scoring area.

Next string I used the rear sight only and paid no attention to front sight. Just got the silhouette in the rear sight and pulled the trigger as fast as I could.

1.36 Seconds,
1.35 seconds average. 8 of 9 shots in 5 scoring area, one shot just out at 2:00 still in thoracic cavity area. Again butt stock touching hip, muzzle at 45 degree angle.

Group center using only rear sight shifted higher in middle of 5 area. Both groups were on the order of 8” to 10”.

Scope was left zeroed for 69 grain bullets at 300 yards. 12 inch Steel target was hit 3 out of five shots in gusting wind with the 55 grain load.

Will probably conduct more testing with rifle in walking semi aimed and ready as now taught to US military looking over top of scope to start and pointed in general proximity of the target. Also some double tap strings.

Also planned are dispersion tests at 200,300,400 and 600 yards with 69 grain Sierra MKs.

My impression so far is that with good ammo this combination would make a excellent police weapon system for close in as well as medium range capability in the hands of a good shooter.
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Your having too much fun with that rifle!!


I may just have to get one!!
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Didn't you have issues (bore center) on the 7615 (?) or . . . was that another piece ?

Also, have you had the chance to evaluate, in any capacity, the consistency - craftsmanship of these rifles ?

As far as the mfgrs are concerned (generally speaking) - " We don't release inferior products ! They are all equally great."

An intriguing rifle, this 7615.

Thanks ~
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Sorry for the long delay in answering. Don't know how I missed your response.

Yes there was a crooked bore issue and it was returned to the factory and barrel replaced and it is doing quite well accuracy wise at this time.

I am still experimenting around with different scopes and have just installed a Burris Fullfield II with Ballistic Plex reticle 3-9X.

I just got it zeroed at 300 yards on the middle segment cross hair and had to shut down to go help a friend. When I get back to it I think I will zero at 200 on the top cross hair and see where the first reticle will take me which is 1.5MOS below the top cross hair.

This will be very close to POA/POI for the 69 Gr. Sierra bullets at 300 yards. Since the top of the post is 11 MOA below the main cross hair I may well get a good zero for 600 yards. The Ballistic Plex has the main aiming point and three more points and finally on the top of the post at 6 o'clock.

I have had to be very careful about cleaning it from muzzle so as to not ruin the crown. I have machined a muzzle guide for a cleaning rod and have obtained a brass rod that is useable with only two sections and it has made a vast difference in the ability to clean the barrel.

Subsequent plans are to work up a good load for 600 yards with 69 Sierra MKs and shoot it for groups at that range.

From a tactical standpoint I believe this rifle needs a M16 type flash suppressor. A LE situation at night calling for a round to be fired will alert everyone within 2000 yards of your location. The muzzle flash even in daylight is impressive. At night it would be awesome. The solid bottom M16A2 suppressor is every effective and reducing the muzzle flash signature and should be considered.

As well I believe the fabrication of a Scout Scope mount on this rifle would be a winning combination as well. As the evaluation continues I will update here or the other thread. Still all in all I think it is a excellent rifle capable of good accuracy to at least 600 yards.

Again sorry for long delay in answering and just found it surfing around tonight.
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