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Old 11-29-2005, 11:29 AM   #1
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CZ 452 American in 17HMR

I did a search on this forum and found some info on the CZ rimfires in 22rf but nothing on the CZs in 17HMR. Does anyone own or have shot a this CZ in 17 chambering?

The gun looks like a damn nice gun for the money as the one I'm looking at has a really nice piece of wood for the stock. I'm wondering how they do for shooting and function.
Anyone shoot one?
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Old 12-09-2005, 07:56 AM   #2
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A shooting buddy brought one to the range a few weeks ago and I took a couple shots.

Not a bad little gun: fit & finish were very nice but the trigger left a little to be desired. He had a BSA Sweet-17 scope mounted on it.

Very accurate little rifle. Dime sized groups at 100 with several through the same hole.

That spurred me into buying a .17HMR too, except I opted for the Marlin 917
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Old 12-09-2005, 09:44 AM   #3
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Thanks for the feedback. I'm still trying to decide between the CZ or a Marlin or Savage.
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i have a CZ Varmint model in 17HMR it is great as mentioned above dime sized groups at 100 yards and it pounds gophers the trigger smooths up with use
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Old 12-10-2005, 03:23 PM   #5
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I would get one in a heartbeat. I have the American .22 now and I really like it. The trigger can be fixed with a springset from . He makes the trigger kits and they are definitley worth it. They'll make that not-so-good trigger into a couple of pounds or ounces if you want it. I have mine at two pounds now. I also floated the barrel and had my brother-in-law bed it and it's a real tackdriver. Get it! Definitley the best bang for your buck in .22's. Simp
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Old 12-15-2005, 04:25 PM   #6
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I just picked up a 17M2 and my feelings echo the others. Pretty rifle, nicely built and accurate. The trigger break isn't bad, but there's slack and creep. (almost like a tiny two stage trigger) There's a couple ways to address the problem, but I'm letting my parts wear in a bit before I start to play with them.

If you're interested in the smaller .17Mach2 , CDNN has dropped the price of the American and Varmint to $249!
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