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Hi, my name is Bob and I'm from NJ where we have to hide everything related to "GUNS."
I inherited a Remington 1911 .45 with original holster and would like to know if there is a site to enter the serial number to find out who the gun was issued to originally?
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What, you mean which service? That might be possible. If you're looking for what individual it was issued to, I've never heard of any such information available.
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Sources have told me there may be a site so I thought I would ask. Thanks though
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Fyi, there are simply NO records of which GI was FIRST issued a Model 1911 or 1911A1.
(In point of fact, at one time :"losses" of .45ACP pistols was "very loose" as they were too low in original purchase price to come under the requirements to keep records upon, except by NUMBER OF PIECES "on hand".)

The MAIN reason that the DoW finally started "keeping up with " .45 pistols after WWII was that too many GIs were "taking one home with them" at ETS.
(My Uncle Wayne, who was "Acting Chief of the Boat" of the USS CHAMPION from about "two weeks out of Pearl" until about 4 months after VJ Day, told me that, "the usual price of a .45 in the Pacific Theater was about a carton of cigarettes or a bottle of booze." - My uncle was issued a S&W .38SPL Victory Model & he told me about 1965-66 that, "I couldn't hit a [CENSORED] thing with it, so I bought me a nearly new carbine off of a Marine SGT.")

ADDENDA: MY uncle brought his (INLAND division of General Motors) M1A1 "Folding stock" carbine home with him at ETS & kept it until his passing in 1989. - It was stolen DURING HIS FUNERAL, along with my Aunt Walterine's best jewelry & some other "easily saleable items", by some "disgusting piece of trash" & still has NOT been recovered.

yours, sw

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The same handgun would be issued to many different soldiers during it's life time.
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Except for a VERY few rare cases where historical information on a specific firearm is known, there's no other information available.

When a military arm was made it was usually shipped to a receiving depot with many others of the same type and manufacture, and from there it went wherever in the world it was needed.
You can't even really state that two guns in the same shipment and one serial number off went to the same theater.
One could have gone to Europe and the next one in the case gone to Alabama.

WHO a gun was issued to is something for which no records were kept.
All the military cares about is WHERE a gun is, and WHO is responsible for it right NOW.
Once the gun is reissued the old records were of no use and were destroyed.

Often guns are not even issued to a specific individual. As example guns were issued to a unit for various purposes like guarding installations, so there is no individual soldier to who it was issued.

People often would like to know where a gun went or who it was issued to, but that information is not kept past it's reissue or movement from one unit to another.
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Thank You, clears a lot up that I was mistakenly told beforehand.
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The 1911 pistol's serial number will usually tell you who made the gun and what year.

It's history:

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About the only way I know of to find out who the item was issued to (might not be the first) is in those rare cases where the service involved officially released the item to the user at the end of service and supplied appropriate paperwork transferring ownership to that individual. I've seen this exactly ONCE when someone brought grand dads/great grand dads WWI 1911 into the shop.
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Back in the 70s and 80s Soldiers were issued weapons cards. When they left the service some kept the cards. That would be the only reference I can think of to an individual.

Who was briefly a supply sergeant...I did not due well.
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