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Mouskie 05-08-2007 08:50 PM

Supposed Date Stamped on Mauser
A friend recently showed me a battle-scarred Mauser. I don't recall the country of origin, nor the year of manufacture -- tho I seem to recall it wasn't one made for any of the South/Central American countries. The friend pointed to a supposed date stamped on top of the housing (as I recall, impressed atop the shell chamber). The "number" was "44" (without the quote marks).

He claimed that the aquaintence who gave him the gun said that the "date" mark on the gun was the year that it was captured by Allied forces -- that it was the GIs/Brits who tossed these guns in piles around Germany after the surrender and stamped them with the year they were captured or picked up from the battlefield.

I told him that he had been served a heaping platter of hooey -- that nobody gave a damn at that point in the war where German armament came from, much less the year it was captured -- except perhaps for the few jet aircraft that were found intact.

What, then, might the number 44 have designated? My friend is so convinced that he's correct on the origin, it will take a bevy of lawyers -- he's one himself -- to convince him otherwise.

Grateful for any help.


PS - I have a beautiful, totally intact (tho lacking bayonet) Argentine l891 Modelo artilleryman's carbine (Leowe Berlin), ser.# A5338. The first time I fired it (not fully trusting the ammo), I rigged it to a chair w/me hiding behind the car and connected to the trigger by 15 feet of string. The heavy chair went over on its back. And it almost did the same to me, when moments later I shoulder-fired the rifle. Haven't shot it since -- but I enjoy looking at it thru the glass front of my gun cabinet.

longbow_06 07-21-2007 05:16 AM

44 is the year of manufacture.

Look for other stampings/roll marks around the same area.


Captain Emo 08-05-2007 06:31 AM

The allies did throw them in huge piles. Sometimes with bolts, sometimes not. Many times the rifles were damaged by having the stocks broken. Depending on the type of mauser, 44 could be the year of manifactur or a code for a manufacturer. For example s/42 is a code, not a date.

Archer1122 12-17-2008 05:47 AM

Re: Supposed Date Stamped on Mauser
I have a sporterized Mauser with a "d44" on the chamber ring. I'm pretty sure that it's the manufacturer code "d" being the plant and "44" being the year of manufacture.

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