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Little Help, which deal do you think is better.....

Hi gang:

Just a newbie here and I have found a wealth of info. Thanks. I am sure you get posts like this all the time, thanks for bearing with me.

I've got the M14 bug and decided to try to find a good used rifle instead of going new. This will be my first M14/M1A and am looking for something to start out with and build up from. I've found a couple of Springfields in my price range and would like opinions (if you please) on which sounds like the better deal.

1) SA, Inc. Loaded M1A. Little use. Serial number 103XXX. Has TRW bolt and trigger group from the factory (this caught my eye). Comes with SA 3rd Gen scope mount & rings, nice USGI walnut stock and original fiberglas stock. Excellent condition. $1100

2) SA, Inc. Serial # 074XXX. Barrel & trigger trigger housing are H&R. Hammer, op rod, and bolt are TRW. Condition is around 90%. Seller says: "The bolt has "4885". lightly engraved on top. This dosen't match the serial #, so your guess is as good as mine. " USGI M14 fiberglass stock only. No scope mount. Good condition $1295.

I am leaning toward (1) which may have other USGI parts, but with the TRW stuff, 2 stocks and scope mount I thought it sounded like a better deal.

All opinions welcome.


Matt D
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according to most folks on this board, the scope mount should be discounted as it shifts- in other words, act as if it wasn't there- but indeed no 1 sounds like the better deal- the 2 stocks alone is nothing to sneeze at- that way you can have one for banging around and one for display
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The scope mounts from SA are junk, dont even bother with them. I would go find a leatherwood, brookfield, smith or just about any other mount.
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Old 11-10-2004, 10:44 AM   #4
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Thanks a bunch for the opinions.

The replies from all 3 M1A forums were about 50/50. I went with number 1 for these reasons:

Number 2 did have alot going for it, pre 100000 s/n, more named USGI parts. But number 1 was not too shabby with the rather low 103xxx s/n and the TRW trigger and bolt.

From the pictures number 2 seemed far more used. Not a terrible thing, but when all you have to look at are pictures it counts.

And, the kicker: For $200 less I got a "loaded" model (NM upgrades) and a beautiful USGI walnut stock as well as the synthetic stock. I may also find, upon inspection, that there are more USGI parts there than were mentioned. I could always take the $200 I saved and buy a USGI op rod (if in fact it does not have one).

Oh, and I also got the SA 3rd gen scope mount. Now, the owner says his SA mount on his NM rifle returns to zero every time. So this one might too. If not, I can sell it on Ebay and now the rifle cost me even less.

Thanks so much to everyone who responded. You all helped alot.

Matt D
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I think you made the right choice. However, the Loaded models do not have chrome lined barrels, they have medium weight match barrels.
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#1 was a good can get a new Loaded standard for about 1200 - which is a wash with the used 1100............... but the extra stock is the deal maker.

Like already said, ditch the 3rd Generation (Generations are for Star Trek) and get an ARMs or Smith.
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Doh! You're right. Chrome moly, not chrome lined.

Matt D
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