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Couple of Mag Questions

I went to the Indy 1500 gun show this past weekend and noticed
several vendors had lots of used GI mags for sale. Most looked
pretty bad & they were asking $35-$40 a pop. All of them were
BRW S-1 but my question is this. I have several mag bodies I
bought from Eliteguns and all of them have their mark right side
up. All the mags at the show were upside down. Are both ways
correct or is it one way and not the other?

2nd question is this. Just bought Chinese mags from ammoman
and all of them have small spots of rust. Whats the best way to
clean these mags up? What kind of products does everyone use?

Thanks for any assistance.
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I have been told that the BRW S-1 are original, all of mine are the
same as yours, all the old ones are upside down,
I think they are later production replacement parts,
maybe this way they could tell later on which were replaced.

The rust on your chinese mags could eliminated using some
Breakfree CLP. It comes 2 or 3 aresol sizes and pump spray.
walmart sells it. I have not found anything that will rust after
using it. It dries to a film. I would not recommend using it as
a wet lube. I clean my entire rifle with it.

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I bought five of those mags from ammoman as well. I tested them last weekend. Mmmm Good!
Several of mine had odd rust spots as well. I cleaned them with CLP and 000 steel wool.
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The Chinese mags are pretty good. Bought 3 just to try. seem ok. No failures yet. Also bought 8 GI mags niw last week for $150. Seems likea pretty good deal.
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upside down or right side up markings don't seem to matter in my rifles.
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