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Ejection Angle Adjustments?

This thread http://www.ambackforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=7262 popped a thought into my head--does anyone here know the methods to adjust the ejection angle on M14s and M1s? I remember hearing years ago that changing the angles or bevels on the ejector's face could alter the departure path of the fired brass.

Seems that a slightly lower path, like what Ruger did with the Ranch Rifle (using a fixed ejector in that one--YUCCKK!!) would be good for those of us using optics. Flipping the brass out a bit quicker, to lessen the bounce off the op rod hump, could also prevent brass from getting knocked back into the bolt area.
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Back to the top. Anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller???
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Ejection angle

Keep in mind that the optimum ejection angle is about 2 o'clock. There are three factors that effect ejection angles.
1. Extractor - should firmly hold the rim while extraction is happening.
2. Ejector - Must have enough power to firmly push the cartridge upward when it clears the breech. The angles on the face of the ejector plunger actually have little effect on the angle of ejection due to the position of the extractor. Shortening the spring will effect the distance the brass is thrown.
3. Dwell - This is the prime factor effecting the angle of ejection. If the brass is ejected at 4 or 5 o'clock, speeding up the dwell will cause the brass to eject more foreward. The op rod is designed to hit the brass case during it's foreward movement, knocking it toward the front. If it moves to slow, it will allow the brass to be thrown to the side or back.
Speeding up the dwell involves enlarging the gas port. Not a job for the light hearted or inexperienced.
Ejection angles can also be slightly modified by changing the timing.
Shortening the piston will reduce the amount of travel the op rod moves before opening the bolt (speeds up the dwell), but the op rod must always rest against the piston for proper functioning and accuracy.
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