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.308 magazine holder for the butt stock?


so far i am settled on a walnut SA M1A Scout (or possibly a Fulton Armory model -- have to check out the catalog when it gets here). I will use ARMSmounts to afix my Trijicon ACOG TA01B, and a USGI sling (or M1907 leather sling). Now I am looking for some sort of Magazine pouch for the butt stock. I really dig the twin 15 round mag holder i have on my M1 Carbine, but i don't suppose there is anything like that for the M14, is there? the Tactical Tailor has groovy stuff, but they don't seem to have a pouch for .308.

http://www.tacticaltailor.com/products/ ... mag_pouch/

any suggestions? I think it is important to have an extra magazine immediately available. we all have our "ammo dumps", but i know how "murphy's law" works!

also... what else do i need for my rifle that i'm not thinking of?

thanks for any help you guys can offer
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I don't think anyone makes what you are looking for, and if they did, I think it would be really unwieldy and bulky. Just hold an M14 mag up alongside your buttstock and imagine it with the added material of the mag holder. I think your best bet is to get some good web gear.
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Magazine holder in/on buttstock

When I first saw the title of your post, I thought you were referring to a holder built into the buttstock not carried on it. After I read that you were thinking more along the lines of a "pouch" it got me to thinking about it. I agree with TEA that a pouch would have to be rather large and 'unwieldy'. One consideration is a smaller pouch to hold a couple 5rd stripper clips of ammo to recharge the magazine in the rifle. Of course you would have to get whatever you use custom made but since it is just fabric, most anyone could sew it up for you.

My other thought, since you are not trying to create a duplicate of military configuration but a 'practical' battle rifle, is to modify the stock so it will store a magazine in the butt area like the "scout" rifle concept. You would lose the space for the GI cleaning gear but I gather most folks here don't use those items due to the cleaning rod being steel. That would be a serious project involving several skills that might have to be done by others. I know that if I were planning that, I would have someone more competent than me do it. It would almost be easier to construct a stock that was metal framed in the rear so it could be hollow to accomodate the magazine.

Now that I have convinced you all that I am crazy, I will just say the easiest thing to do is find a magazine bandoleer like the BAR ones (there is a repro available from some sources) and always hang it with the rifle. Having spare magazines/ammo is more a matter of self discipline than devices. Good luck with your project.
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There are some commercial sources for buttstock pouches for the .308 sized magazines. On the other hand, I have to agree with the others here in saying that you probably wouldn't like doing that. I've used them for 30rd mags on ARs and they really throw the balance off as well as it can screw with your cheek weld on the stock.

Just my $0.02 worth.
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