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Originally Posted by M118LR View Post
I'd suggest that Y'all just give up on the antiqued M-14, and all it's variations. It's a dated platform with limited usages and not worthy of your time and research. It isn't part of the future, it's time is long past. Treat the M-14 like any other "Historical Footnote". JMHO.
Yup, throw it on the trash heap of history along with the 1911, the Browning Hi-Power, the Colt Python, the Douglas Skyraider, and the '67 Corvette. All things of great function and great style, too beautiful and classy to live in a world of generic lead dispensers and blobmobiles available in any color you want as long as it's some shade of silver/gray.

Your avatar is ugly, by the way.
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And then you have the odd cases like me... I suppose there are those who would rather make me have every bone in my arm and hand broken and reset "resculpting" it to fit a Glock or Beretta grip rather than leave me and the 1911 that's fit me so well my entire adult life to operate in peace.

Hence my proposal of "six service sidearms" a while back, selecting chassis and bore to fit individual operator--my only effective way to get a STOP with an M9 is "hold it by muzzle and beat other guy into submission with it," the damn thing is so painfully ill-fitting to my hand and wrist I'm better off sticking to throwing punches. Dunno if the P320 can be configured to replicate 1911 grip...
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Diamondback, within a given chambering you can have twelve possible fits. There are four frame sizes available: full, compact, carry, and subcompact. Within each frame size there are three available grip sizes: small, medium, and large.

As for a 1911-like grip, that would be hard to achieve with a double-stack, but I can tell you that the P320 is very comfortable to hold and shoot, and much more pleasing to me than the Beretta.
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And there's the rub, some of us CAN'T handle doublestacks of any kind.

(Yes, I have teeny tiny Donald Trump hands but at least they're more proportional to my shorter stature.)
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Originally Posted by Snake45 View Post
Your avatar is ugly, by the way.
Like all the other things of great function, style, and beauty; time has a way of modifying how they are presented.

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