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M1A Help

Hey guys im new to this site and I have a few questions that I hope yall can help me with. First off I am soon going to buy a Springfield National Match M1A and am wondering for distance what is the best all around round for it. Also does anyone have any information on either the EBR stock or the JAE-100 stock. And any information that yall can give on anything that I might not know yet due to not shooting as much would be greatly appreciated.
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Be careful of ammo not suited for an M1A or M1. I will only use NATO spec ammo in my
M1 and M1A. The gas operating system can be damaged by improper ammo. I'm not an
experr but I'm sure some of the other guys here can tell you more about it.
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keep your bullet weights to under 175 and you'll be fine-think of it as a modernized GARAND and respect those limits- sure, a little less powder,and a 20 round mag; but as for the model, i wouldn't go for all the bells and whistles- that rifle may NOT shoot any better or worse than any other- it's all about LOAD DEVELOPMENT- put n/m sights on it if you care for those, but the rest is questionable at best- of course, if you really want to be at the top of the heap, get yourself a smith , lrb, or any of a bunch of receivers, and BUILD IT -that way you get to pick your twist, barrel profile, trigger, etc-i've got 4 of the real thing and not one of them wears one of those cheese grater stocks- the stock that it comes with is far nicer to your hands on recoil, and mounts faster, i've found- mof, i sold off my jae-100 to some newbie that had to have a rifle that "looked like the ones in iraq"- total walter mitty syndrome- and they ADD weight , not remove it
all i've done to my 14s( and thank god i don't live in the states- they're isreali surplus) is remove one of the rivets and replace it with a sling swivel stud for a harris bipod and scope them-
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The appature in the National Match rear sight is smaller in diameter than a standard sight, which is fine for paper target work but not well suited for quick target aquisition in the field.
In early 1968 the US Army rifle qualification with the M14 was shot at pop up silhouette targets at various ranges from 50 meters to 500 meters. Iron sights, of course. I managed to qualify Expert. Twice. And that's not bragging about my ability, rather the ability of the rifle.
My Springfield Armory Standard Model is much more accurate that I am.
And it is not so much the bullet weight that will harm the gas system and receiver, but the burning rate of the powder.
Stick with 7.62 NATO specs if you reload, or surplus NATO ammo if you don't.
I was fortunate enough to find a gently used M1A that had been built with all USGI parts (except receiver of course) and I left it original in tribute to the M14's that I was issued so long ago.
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Would turning off the gas port (making the M1A a straight-pull bolt action) prevent damage from 'non-milspec' ammo?
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Originally Posted by shep854 View Post
Would turning off the gas port (making the M1A a straight-pull bolt action) prevent damage from 'non-milspec' ammo?
In theory yes, until you forget to turn off the port when shooting the heavy long range load. Then you might find yourself with exotic facial piercings that resemble pieces of your rifle.

Heavy bullets with slow burning powder can cause excessive pressure in the gas system. This causes the oprod and bolt to cycle too quickly overwhelming the recoil spring. In extreme cases it can damage the rifle. I've seen this happen with a Remington 742 in .30-06.

Very light weight bullets with medium burning powders can cause the same sort of failure. The light weight bullet gets past the gas port while the pressure is still high.

Stick with 142g to 175g bullets and powder with burn rates from IMR3031/H322 through IMR4895, IMR4064 or Hodgdon Varget. Use published data and cross reference the data across multiple sources.
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Originally Posted by phantom4570 View Post
Then you might find yourself with exotic facial piercings that resemble pieces of your rifle.
Nicely done.
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I own a M1A-M14 that I purchased from Springfield when they were promoting there scope system with the rifle. I have done some miner work to improve the workings of my M1A,also I reload all of my ammunition for every rifle,pistol,and shotgun I own. My wife can consistently hit a clay bird sized target at 200 yards with the standard M1A that I own. That's as good as I would expect from any out of the box gun with little TLC. I use IMI Winchester Match Brass and HPBT bullets 160gr. They function the action perfectly and shoot accurately. As someone else has said all those whistles and bells are not necessary. The NM sites are a good investment because they are much tighter and precise in adjustment. Look to Brownells for some tune up parts. And if you are able to do it work the trigger for a smooth crisp let off.
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