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Smith Enterprise, Inc. - 05/5/2010

I spoke with Ron Smith, President, Smith Enterrpise, Inc., today regardnig new developments for the M14:

1) M1A SOCOM kit gas cylinder lock front sight (GLFS) will get 5/8 " x 24 TPI x 0.635 " long external threads. Concurrently, the M1A SOCOM kit muzzle brake and flash hider will have these new dimension threads. This change to the M1A SOCOM GLFS will work with the SEI generic 5.56 mm / .30 Caliber muzzle brake (SEI part number 1005 SS) and the SEI Noveske flash hiders (part numbers 1000V-Noveske and 1000V-Noveske Special). Part number 1005 SS can accpet the Fisher Enterprises / SEI M14 DC sound suppressor. The new dimensioned M1A SOCOM GLFS will be assigned its own SEI part number. The legacy M1A SOCOM GLFS (kit part number 2001V) has 9/16 " x 24 TPI threads.

2) M1A SOCOM Gas Cylinder Plug - This part is made from 17-4 PH stainless steel, heat treated to 40 HRC then the surface is nitrocarburized to 60 HRC. The design has been recently revised so that it is suitable for use with any length M14 barrel.

2) Improved M14 extended bolt lock - SEI is retooling to make it quicker and easier to manufacture the M14 extended bolt lock. Ron says it will have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. ETA is late June 2010.

3) M14 Magazines - The parts have been made and the magazines tested. The magazine tube, magazine floor plate and the magazine follower assembly will have nitrocarburized surfaces (60 HRC). Cost is expected to exceed what you pay for CMI magazines. ETA is mid-July 2010.

4) M14 Receivers - New receiver manufacturing process is 98 % completed. Ron says the hold up is getting the bolt locking lug recesses just right. He says the new receiver will work as is but they are not satisfied with it. The receivers are not manufactured the same way as they were in the 1980s and 1990s. New manufacturing techniques are being used so they are still fine tuning the process.

5) M14 NM Rear Sight Assembly - SEI will not be making another production run of National Match rear sight assemblies after existing inventory runs out. They are difficult to manufacture and demand has been lackluster. SEI is open to manufacturing rear sight assemblies suited for combat purposes.

6) M14 Bolt - Due to competing priorites such as projects for Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Colt Defense, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, and the Australian government, the M14 bolt project has been on hold. SEI intends to proceed on the bolt but there is no ETA at this time for availability. All of the manufacturing will be done in-house.

7) M14 Gas Cylinders and Operating Rods - These parts are still in production. SEI has a contract with Defense Logistics Agency for M14 gas cylinders. Nitrocarburizing for operating rods is available upon customer request.

8 ) M14 DC Sound Suppressor - The U. S. Navy safety certified the M14 DC Sound Suppressor a few years back, 2006 I believe. The U. S. Army is taking steps to follow suit. AFAIK, this is the only sound suppressor that is safety certified by the U. S. military for the M14 rifle. I cannot speak to other weapon systems. Fisher Enterprises and Smith Enterprise, Inc. collaborated on the design and manufacture of the M14 DC Sound Suppressor for the M21A5 C-IED system. SEI has developed improved baffles that will reduce the noise signature. SEI will publish the test results in the future. The new baffle kit can be retrofitted to existing Fisher / SEI M14 DC Sound Suppressors. The new design suppressor has been tested by a U. S. Navy certified lab for salt spray corrosion. Corrosion resistance is improved and there is less gas blowback at the breech in the new design. The gas blowback at the breech is not noticeable if you have a side three point scope mount or a M3 breech shield installed on the receiver. I know this from firsthand experience. This upgrade is available to civilian owners of NFA Registered Fisher / SEI M14 DC Sound Suppressors but you must provide proof that you are the owner. New manufacture M14 DC Sound Suppressors marked Smith Enterprise, Inc. wiill have the improved design components. I'm not at liberty to discuss the technical details but I'm definitely interested in upgrading my Fisher Enterprises suppressor. All questions on the new M14 DC Sound Suppressor should be directed to Smith Enterprise, Inc. only.

9) M14 Scope Mount Cam Bolt - SEI has has offered an optional "heavy duty" cam bolt for its side three point scope mounts for a couple years now. What is new to me is that this bolt, made of 17-4 PH stainless steel, has been tested to 190 in-lbf without shearing. Ron said that they only recommend 60 in-lbf torque for the cam bolt when installing the scope mount. So, the optional "heavy duty" cam bolt is definitely not necessary as the standard AISI 4140 cam bolt is strong enough. It's an option.
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