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Maximus2111 02-22-2010 09:00 AM

New M1A Owner...and proud of it

I got bit by the bug way back when my grandfather and uncle let me fire a Garand and a select fire M14 back when i was a youngster, and have been trolling this site since it was oogling and drooling over all the pretty M14s, M1As & Garands ever since.

About a year ago... I was at the range and a kind gentlemen over heard me talking to one of my buddies... who had no idea what an M1A was, to him it was a neat looking "old" rifle... I filled in my friend and said "Yeah its on the short list of dream guns I'd like to own" well the gent shooting it, iron sights at paper plates set out at 100yds, offered to let me shoot it [having not fired one in about 20 years, i grouped 3 shots maybe a half inch apart in the center]... and man the bug has been a bitin' and a itchin' ever since.

As of yesterday I am the proud owner of a Springfiled Armory M1A SOCOM 16... and according to the woman, I am no longer allowed to goto Cabela's unaccompanied :)

I can't wait to shoot it :thumbsup:

H2O_Man 02-22-2010 07:32 PM

Re: New M1A Owner...and proud of it

Thoroughly clean and grease your SOCOM before you fire the first round.

Enjoy :thumbsup:

MrJitters 02-23-2010 05:32 PM

Re: New M1A Owner...and proud of it
Congrats! That is a nice rifle. Enjoy. :D

billt 06-07-2010 09:01 AM

Re: New M1A Owner...and proud of it

I love mine. Bought it at Cabela's, same as you. I got the best deal there believe it or not. Everyone else was at least $100.00 more. Bill T.

ExSarge 06-08-2010 05:40 AM

Re: New M1A Owner...and proud of it
First issued one on Okinawa in 62. Fam fired it for the first time in an extinct volcano crater at Camp McTourous(? can't remember how to spell it but it was at Kawasaki) and immediately fell in love with it. Back in the states I was reissued an M1.

Inspection Arms was more difficult with the M14 than with the M1 and took a little time to get used to but other than that it was just great.

Took me many years to finally get a SA 9222 M1A. Haven't fired it much as I just like having it around. Did get an M1 too since I carried one for 7 years and still like it but it's second to my M1A.

Clean it good like H2O man said. I don't grease mine until I'm ready to fire it (old Marine Corps training)..

Enjoy and good luck with it.

steve marshall 06-09-2010 06:56 AM

Re: New M1A Owner...and proud of it
Time for some heresy. I've owned a loaded M1A since 2002. I am up to approximately 11,000 rounds through it. Only recently have I had any problems with stoppages and it was reloaded machine gun brass which decided to have case separation issues. There has never been a stoppage with the 8,000 rounds of Portuguese surplus. There has never been a stoppage with the 1,000 rounds of South African surplus. There has never been a stoppage with a few hundred Malaysian surplus. There has never been a stoppage with a few hundred Lake City surplus. There has never been a stoppage with a 100 or so Australian surplus. The closest I've come to taking the rifle down was to replace the stock with a GI fiberglass stock and occasionally checking headspace. It has never been lubed, greased or cleaned. The gas plug still moves freely when I pick it up. The headspace is still good. It was sold with 1.632" and is still between 1.630" and 1.634". The last 10 shot group at 300 yards was 14" with iron sights and 59 year old eyes. The last 10 shot group at 100 yards was 4" same sights, same eyes. These were with the aforementioned machine gun brass reloads. Portuguese surplus at least used to be better, but I'm running out of it, hence the reloads. I have to admit to taking a chamber brush to it when I get a stuck ruptured case. This has occured perhaps 10 times. I know this makes me a bad person, but consider it a torture test on the "crappy" Springfield Armory rifle. And to make some of you, myself included, cry, I bought the Portuguese for $139 a case. I have 2,000 rounds left.

billt 06-09-2010 07:25 AM

Re: New M1A Owner...and proud of it

Thanks for the post. This kind of stuff is good to know if you are relatively new to the platform. I currently have 2, M-1A's. The one in the above photograph, and this one:

It is a Camp Perry NRA Edition National Match. I'm most likely going to get a third in the not so distant future just because I don't want to put a lot of rounds through it, and because I really like the platform.

As far as reloads what do you recommend? I have several hundred loaded with Varget, which is supposed to be a good powder choice for the M-1A. Also, is there any ammo that you should stay away from? Thanks, Bill T.

steve marshall 06-10-2010 06:03 PM

Re: New M1A Owner...and proud of it
Powders for the M1A should be in the medium range not out of deference to the rifle but the cartridge. Bullets can go up to about 180 and that is due to the barrel twist not any inherent shortcomings of the M1A. So anything with a burn rate like 4895 or 4064 or in that general neighborhood would be fine. One of the improvements of the M-14 over the M-1 was handling a wider range of pressures so powder and bullet selection isn't nearly as critical as on the M-1.
As to ammunition to avoid? I'd stay clear of Indian, Pakistani and Venezuelan surplus. Some, and perhaps most of their collective surpluses may be fine but how do you know? I've read posts that bragged how good their Indian ammunition was but they were very selective on the dates. But part of the Indian surplus fiasco was that they were selling seconds? and also some that had storage issues. Life is just too short to shoot ammunition that you got cheaply only to have that nagging little doubt about a kaboom or whether the round will even feed etc.

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