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Synthetic Stocks

My M1A has the factory walnut stock . . . and I like it very much. It needed a little sanding on the rough edges when new but otherwise fits very well.

I've read here over the years about synthetic stocks. Reports of poor paint jobs, questionable fit, etc. and reports of total satisfaction.

My question [finally <g>]: are all the synthetic stocks military surplus, probably 'used' condition, reconditioned and sold? Or are there aftermarket manufacturers?

I've considered purchasing a synthetic stock but my initial searches show most suppliers out of stock.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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Re: Synthetic Stocks

Most are Miltary surplus M14 stocks that are used . There are some Synthetic stock makers out there . McMillan and Bell and Carlson come to mind ,but get your wallet ready for these.
Military surplus stocks run from around $25 on up to $80 depending on condition.Mc's I believe are around $400.
Hope this helps
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Re: Synthetic Stocks

Springfield Armory, Inc. has been using new manufacture polymer stocks since mid-2008 for building M1A rifles.
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Re: Synthetic Stocks

HEY DIFFERENT! Happy New Year, and man, you're sure keeping it all right on! Thanks!
I bought a fat McMillian and it's great as a bench queen for sighting in purposes, well that is.., for my purpose of removing every possible variable of vibration or flex that I could in order to zero in the machinery. Over all, the rifle weighs a bit over eleven pounds, so now, I will be bedding a used USGI stock that I purchased from Freds a few years ago. Reason to do so is because they twist, i.e., one can grab the butt and the fore-end and twist the entire stock. Not good, hence another good reason to bed such a syn. stock, and if I do it correctly, the weight will be a lot lower than the glassed McMillan.
Back in '99, I think, I called sproingfield and they would not tell me where the stock, (regards the serial numbered rifle at the store), came from, or any other details claiming proprietory information. It too was rather weak. Different's reply to you might get you to thinking about hunting one down in a store and checking it out. Ask the clerk to separate the barreled action from the stock and see if you can easily twist it or not. LOL! Just call sproingfield and give 'em the ser. no., and they'll be able to tell you the date of manufature so as to ascertain what Differnet told you.
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Re: Synthetic Stocks

Originally Posted by Michael D. Kast
...I will be bedding a used USGI stock that I purchased from Freds a few years ago. Reason to do so is because they twist, i.e., one can grab the butt and the fore-end and twist the entire stock...
The USGI synthetic surely is more flexible than a McMillan, which is more like cement, but I don't think bedding it is going to fix that. It'll keep the action tight in the back end of the stock but the fore-end will still twist. I've seen descriptions of fiberglassing the entire barrel channel for stiffness, and I've epoxied carbon-fiber arrow sections under the flanges that run along the top of the fore-end to get a tighter lockup. Something like that, in combination with bedding, might work better and shouldn't add much weight.
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Re: Synthetic Stocks


If you are concerned about the quality of a used synthetic stock then do what I did. I did some research and found several people out there that refinish the old GI synthetics (and even upgrade them) to your specifications.

I eventually used Karsten of Karsten's Custom Camo ( for my LRB M25 build and I have to admit I could not be any happier. At least with this route you get the color/pattern you want (I got something similar to the USMC MarPat pattern) and the assurances that the stock will be to specifications. I think the LRB's with their reputation for being the within the tightest tolerances in the industry are a good test of Karsten's stocks. The stock is very snug fitting but not unbearable snug. I even had the forearm internally reinforced and stiffened. Now my M25 is an eye catcher at the range. In fact I am thinking of getting a plain Jane brown synthetic when I don't feel like chatting so much on the firing line because of all the attention my rifle brings.
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Re: Synthetic Stocks

When I bought my Springfield (about six years ago, I guess), it had the factory wooden stock. It fits fine and looks great, but I wanted something a bit more rugged and weatherproof for trips to the range or SHTF.

I found a well-used fiberglass milsurp stock from Cheaper than Dirt. It wasn't at all expensive, but it had been around the block more than once. I filled in the dents with epoxy and plugged the selector hole the same way. Then I lightly sanded the flat surfaces (not the checkering, of course) smooth and painted it green with Brownell's Aluma-Hyde, followed by a clearcoat of the same stuff.

It looked great, and very durable. I liked it so much that I bought a top-condition milsurp stock from Fred's and put a dummy selector switch in the selector hole for looks, backed up by a sheet of black-painted plastic to help keep the crud out. So now I've got a "presentation" wooden stock, a "good" fiberglass stock and a SHTF fiberglass stock.
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