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How to swap a muzzle attachment

RKIs, please feel free to chime in. TIA

Check the rifle clear of all ammunition. Remove the magazine and verify the chamber is empty.

You want to swap a muzzle brake for a flash hider (check local and state laws, please) or vice versa. Let's assume the new muzzle attachment has a dove tail for the front sight. IOW, we're not talking about a combo gas cylinder lock front sight in this discussion.

List of Tools:

1) M14 flash suppressor nut pliers
2) 1/16 " hex head wrench for the set screw
3) 3/32 " or 7/64 " hex head wrench for the front sight
4) block of wood
5) rubber mallet
6) flash suppressor alignment tool (optional IMHO)

a. Measure the distance from the front sight side to the dove tail edge. This is so you can install the front sight at the same location on the new muzzle attachment. This willl minimize the amount of time it takes to rezero with the muzzle attachment installed.

b. Remove the front sight by removing the screw contained therein.

c. Remove the little set screw.

d. Use the flash suppressor nut pliers to loosen and unthread the castle nut.

e. Using the block of wood and mallet, tap the muzzle attachment in the forward direction. This will get the muzzle attachment off the barrel. If the muzzle attachment is on tight be sure the castle nut is not stopping movement. If it's still not budging, slowly and patiently continue tap it off. Don't get in a hurry. As the muzzle attachment is moving forward, continue to unthread the castle nut.

f. Once the muzzle attachment is off the barrel, notice the splines on the inside at the rear end. The replacement muzzle attachment will have splines as well. The splines need to mate with the grooves on the barrel when you install it.

g. Assemble in reverse order. Note though that you will need to line up the castle nut so that the little set screw will thread all the way into the muzzle attachment. Do not overtighten the castle nut but make sure the muzzle attachment is seated to the rear.

h. If available, check alignment with a flash suppressor alignment tool if applicable. I've never used one and not had a problem. So, YMMV on this step.

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Added to the M1A/M14 Master FAQ
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Nice tutorial Lee. Well done.
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Don't some of the Chinese M14's have tack welded flash suppressors? I think mine might be welded on since I have been tapping it for a while with no movement. I don't see any obvious weld, where do they usually put it if there is one?
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Yes, mosat of the Chinese M14 rifles were imported into the United States with permanently affixed front sights. You'll need to carefully remove the solder or weldment with a Dremel tool. Check the area of the flash suppressor. It's often a small amount of solder.
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however some also use a tack weld, with as many as three spots which have to be carefully drilled through and then the flashider is loosened with a hammer- this is the latest technique on the m305s which we see in canada- it's probably on the bottom,look for a weld between the collar of the flashider and the barrel, or a hole that's been welded - there should be a differece in the color of the blue or park over the weld- it's a different material than the barrel steel- however i've got one of the first norincos ( a blued model) with the takedown notch and guess what ?- there's NOTHING in the way of a weld or solder job- absolutely nothing-
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Here is a picture of the bottom of my poly's flash suppressor. It looks like extra metal is there behind where the bayonet lug should have been. Is this what I grind down?
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My poly was tack welded but it was two small spots underneath the faux hidder where the threads meet the barrel, not visible. It took a few wacks with the block of wood but came off without too much hassle with the receiver secured to a vice.
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