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Old 04-21-2006, 04:09 PM   #1
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m1a problems

bought my m1a 10+yrs ago, used, but apparently very little.

SA sn 0133xx

never shot it much, mebbe 50 rnds years ago, but gettin the itch to mess w it now that rl has settled down. being a tinkerer thought id give it a good goin over before i took it out.

i own and have read most of both Kuhnhausens tome, and Duffs manual

3 problems ive found so far

trigger group: my hammers offset exactly as shown on pp342 of Kuhnhausens book. bought the trigger and hammer pins, which measured right at his min dimensions hoping for a quick fix. no joy, after further examination i have the same cast trigger housing shown in the illustration, right down to the sloppily stamped last digit in the drawing number. ordered a new forged housing from Fulton Armory. i did notice however, the hole in my hammer is right at the max spec size(.190 measured w calipers, spec is .1875+.003 i believe), and both my new and original trigger pins are right at the minimum size. theres a fair amount of play between the hammer and pin. is this normal? if anyone was puttin together a nice trigger group i know u'd change the cast housing, but would u hunt for a better fit betw the hammer and pin as well?

barrel: i thought my rifle was fired very little from the lack of wear anywhere on it, incl the bolt lugs, etc, but im beginning to wonder if my barrels original. its 22' long, w 6 grooves. theres no marks on it anywhere. also, i cant get my new badger gas cylinder alignment gauge to go all the way through into the barrel. the gas hole drilled in the barrel appears to be slightly misdrilled off to one side. to verify this i removed the spindle valve, and used my borelight. ez to see its off. i know u wouldnt drill the barrel, but is there any other fix vs changing the barrel?

barrel / receiver not aligned: i dont think my barrels threaded in far enough. easy to see the op rod doesnt meet the gas piston centered. also, another clue, was a post i found where someone had the windage way off on their rifle due to this. thought back, looked at my rear sight and sure enough my windage was cranked way over. gonna try the level trick eventually, was wondering if anyone had any other means of checking this. ive got a Sadlak scope mount coming, and dont plan on using the iron sights. i dont like the off centered op rod, but wonder if u all think it would be a problem. the op rod moves freely under its own weight w no binding.

so...should i buy a new barrel, or can i get away w this one for a bit without damaging the rifle? any good m1a gunsmiths near baltimore md / washington dc/ harrisburg pa? im centered in the triangle those citys form. thx for any help or info, and thx again for this fine forum

i could post pix if necessary, but itll be sunday at the earliest

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Since its a SA, you might be better off contacting them.
They do have a life time warranty.
Better to get it fixed free by the manufacturer than spend a lot of money on a gunsmith. Although they have to make a living too.
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Old 04-22-2006, 05:31 AM   #3
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How does it shoot? The function and accuracy of the rifle will answer most of your questions. As for your sights, set down and do a no wind zero(rear sight centered and adjust the front for windage), it may not have been done by the previous owner.
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Old 04-22-2006, 01:41 PM   #4
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Holy Crap, you have a 22 foot long barrel??

I say shoot a few rounds through it. But before that, if you're concerned about the barrel not being all the way in, you should probably check the headspace first.

I'm no expert though.
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Old 04-25-2006, 03:23 AM   #5
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A couple of comments

I believe you have the original barrel. I have a 9,XXX with the same unmarked barrel. In that SN range, you may need to check the bolt. There was a recall for by SN. SA can give you the information and will ship and replace if necessary. On the alignment of the op rod, it may be the op rod guide that is a little off. Not surposed to be a problem unless it is a match conditioned rifle.
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Old 04-25-2006, 04:28 AM   #6
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thx guys...ncshooter thats good to know ref the unmarked barrel..

update...waiting on trigger housing, shimmed the gas cyliinder, got lucky, a .0010 shim cenetered the gas holes lengthwise, although its off a bit side to side. gonna shoot it this way a bit. i might try adjusting the op rod guide, but its nice and smooth now, just crooked. got the whole thing in the glass bedded e2 stock it came with, the beddings a bit worn, i might have to redo it. the op rod guide contacts the inside of the stock, not happy w that atm

my sadlak scope mount arrived yesterday, and is now installed. if ur lookin for a mount consider this one. the thing is stout, and went on nicely. atm ive topped it w a weaver k4 scope. im hopin to get a bit better than 2min accuracy out of it, id like to use the m1a at an upcoming long range shoot at unknown distances in my area. if it looks promising w the k4 ill be purchasing a super sniper 10x mildot, and ill continue tuning from there

thx again all

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Cool project!!!

Can you post a picture with the K4 on her? I'd love to see that!!
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