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What small parts are mfgr marked?

I have a Springfield M1A with a commercial SA NM barrel and some USGI parts. I recall the following parts of mine are marked: bolt (HRT), op rod (TRW), trigger housing (TRW), hammer (HR), windage knob (DRC). Some other parts may be marked as well, but I don't remember off hand.

My question is, do the small parts like op rod guide, op rod spring guide, firing pin, trigger, gas cylinder, gas piston, trigger guard, etc. have the manufacturers marks that Different lists in the FAQ?

If so, can someone tell me which parts are marked? I'd like to do an inventory to see what is USGI and what isn't next time I have the stock off. Thanks so much!

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See M14 Rifle History and Development at http://www.imageseek.com/m1a for the very long answer.

SOME trigger guards, rear sight bases, front bands, operating rod spring guides, butt plate flappers and triggers are marked. The majority (not all) of USGI magazines are marked on the body rear side. Elevation knobs and windage knobs are usually marked. SOME gas cylinders were stamped but the coating makes it impossible to see the mark. Wood stocks tend to have maker markings under the butt plate. Synthetic stock and hand guards are usually marked with the letters "DT" but the meaning is unknown AFAIK.
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Thanks! I truly appreciate your contributions to this board.
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