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M1A, NM SA Inc. trigger group (supposed to be)

Hey there.
New to the forum. I have a question about a Loaded Standard.
About the trigger group.
Should be 2 stage military National Match at 4.5 lbs pull.
I can suspend a 5 lb plus a 2 lb weight from a string on the trigger to finally get it to break. What gives (7lbs)?
The guy selling it has a Garand I wonder if he switched out parts before selling!

Sounds like either I got a standard trigger group, or someone switched out the more sensitive parts and put in the 6-7 lb Garand trigger group guts.

What do you guys think?
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SA INC has always claimed the loaded model has the NM trigger. That was true a few years ago but many recently produced loaded model M1a rifles do not have NM mods to the trigger group.

Some of the worst triggers I have even seen on SA IMC M1a rifles have been on recently produced loaded model rifles.

Does it have creep on the second stage?
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NM trigger group reply


Good to read your comment.
I have used weights to measure the break at about 7.5 lbs. Hardly a NM group. More like the spec on the standard-standard parts.

As far as creep, there is not really that muchon stage 2, just the strain untill things release. The second stage is more of just the hard drag until the sear breaks or whatever.

BTW they emailed back and said they'd check it out if I send it in.
It would be cheaper for everyone if the group spec matched the rifle. Oh well, more money for the shipping people!

Thanks C Bread 2

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I didn't think the trigger groups were exact copies that they could be swapped. I think the garands is a hair different.
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Re: M1A, NM SA Inc. trigger group (supposed to be)

Originally Posted by Aldaron
...Should be 2 stage military National Match at 4.5 lbs pull. I can suspend a 5 lb plus a 2 lb weight from a string on the trigger to finally get it to break. What gives (7lbs)
Sounds about like the triggers that came on both of my Super National Match models. One of them has a gritty feel to it, the other has a trigger guard that's so soft it will pop open while firing. I replaced them with match tuned USGI triggers (OM marked) from Fulton.

There are a few trigger group parts that can be exchanged with the M1, the Hammer and the safety IIRC. I know I wouldn't be swapping in Springfield commercial trigger parts into a USGI M1 or M14 trigger. It just wouldn't be right.
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I think that pretty much any of the small internal parts (except the safety/clip spring) from an M1 trigger group can be used in an M14/M1A trigger group. The sear won't have the disconnector lug, so no full-auto, but that isn't an issue anyways.
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I have a newer S.A. INC M1A loaded (TOB: 12/29/04)and it came with a USGI trigger group, and it is NM worked. the trigger group body is a Winchester and all the outher parts and H&R.
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The NM trigger job is just a tunning of standard parts. Mostly it involves getting rid of the creep in the second stage by carefull stoning and fitting of the parts and smoothing up areas where moving parts meet each other.

There is no such thing as a NM trigger group that is factory built and marked NM.

The majority of the time all you have to do is carefully stone the rear hammer hooks to get rid of the second stage creep. This alone helps a great deal.

The trigger pull weight is not that important. NRA rules require that the trigger hold a 4.5lb weight for competition shooting.

You can have a nice trigger even if the pull weight is closer to 5 or 6 lbs as long as there is zero creep in the second stage.

You can take any trigger group and remove the creep in the second stage in just a few minutes. It is a simple and easy process and you don't even have to take the trigger group apart.
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Thanks everyone about the trigger group info.

could you explain just a little more about the hammer hook to stone off.

If I was not happy with that.
SA could just send me another group for exchange couldn't they?

I thought SA inc parts were the best really. Alot of you here note the USGI parts. Is the steel better, like 4150 instead of 4140 or other parts?

BTW what is the standard hardnesss chromolly grade for M11/M14 steel parts? And, what should it be really?

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