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put glass on my standard SA or buy a new rifle for glass ?

Looking for an excuse to buy a new m1a, possibly a supermatch. ive fondled a few at gunshows and fell in love.

From a cold bore, i can usually get 1.5in groups using portuguese ammo and iron sights. ive never had glass on this rifle, but nowdays ive got a m1a in mind with leupold mildot glass on top. Im just not sure if i want to put glass on this rifle or get something more inclined to be fed match ammo and produce actual groups at ranges of 500-600yds.

End result im after is 6-7in groups at 600yds.

Ive gota bolt gun also, but im after a semiauto that can put boolets in a cateloupe way out there.
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If I were you, I would step up to the SA NM M1A (instead of converting the standard model). This rifle is in full spec with GI standards for the National Match. MY NM is equipped with a Leupold Tactical MkIV 4.5 - 14X on a Gen III mount. The SA model has the unitized gas system, NM gas piston, NM oprod spring guide, NM trigger, NM sights, NM barrel, NM flash supressor and glass bedded receiver. Also, the stock is "heartwood" walnut which is much denser than the standard stock. This is imperative for tight groups.

My NM model @ 300 yards has been scoring 1.25" and 1.50" 3 shot groups consistantly. I have even managed scores like this in some 15 - 20 mph crosswinds. But, you must shoot more expensive ammo to get these results. The Port ammo you mentioned just won't get these types of results at that distance.

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If you're going to spend that kind of money on a new rifle, why not have Ted Brown or Warbird build you one? One thing to keep in mind with the newer SA Inc receivers is that a lot of folks have been having problems putting non SA Inc mounts on them, especially ARMS mounts. Another option is to have someone turn your standard M1A into a match model.
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Why not just put a scope on the one you got and see what she'll do, might be surprised and you can put all that "extra" money you now have into ammo for practice with your "new" scope sighted M1A.
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I should have added that most match mods are pretty easy to do yourself. Rebarreling, glass bedding and NM trigger jobs take a bit more expertise and, in the case of rebarreling, special tools. Going along with 1919A6's suggestion, scope your Standard to see what she's capable of as is, then do the do it yourself match mods to see if that'll bring it up to the level of accuracy you want, and if not, then consider having someone with the expertise do the other mods.

Of course, if you're just looking for an excuse to buy a new M14 type rifle to put a scope on and you have money burning a hole in your walltet, you could wait for the LRB receiver with integral rails to come out and have a serious DMR built around it - full NM mods, McMillan M3A stock, and a Krieger DMR barrel.
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If you are looking literally for an excuse to buy a new rifle, upgrade to the NM and put a good variable scope on it.

The M1A is great to shoot on open sights. atl any kind of longer range, my eyes don't work so well with the open sights any more. that's when the scope makes a huge difference.

At 100 yards or less, where I shoot most often, I ended up taking the scope off of my standard and goign back to the open sights. It seemed like the skill development was better that way. Any longer ranges (and maybe at a consisten 100 yards) the glass would really be needed.
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Why not just go with a platform better for scope use, like a Remington PSS? For that much money, you can even get the Remington 40x tactical, which is a really sweet rifle. Theres no way that an M1a in that price range would be as accurate.
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Re: put glass on my standard SA or buy a new rifle for glass

Originally Posted by CenterMass
Looking for an excuse to buy a new m1a, possibly a supermatch. ive fondled a few at gunshows and fell in love.
Another option to consider...
Put the M1A of your choice into a SAGE EBR or Chop Mod stock.
The SAGE stock is a great, solid platform for glass and comes with an adjustable cheek piece.
The action is tension bedded and the barrel is semi-floated for improved accuracy.

Check out these SAGE sniper/DMR set ups...

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Originally Posted by Balzac72
Why not just go with a platform better for scope use, like a Remington PSS?
Because i already got one
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