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Old 12-11-2004, 04:16 AM   #1
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questions re: my CMP RG Danish

Howdy. First post

Last week I received my first M1 Garand from CMP, a SA rack grade Danish. Very pleased with the rifle I received, but I do have a few questions before I get started on the refurb:

1.) Stock has not yet been cleaned, but initial inspection reveals no cartouches or other markings other than a matching serial # stamped to the rear of the hand grip. Did the Danes put their own stocks on, or sand/re-stamp the original U.S. issue stocks? (side note -- the wood is in VG+ condition, should clean up nicely. I may know more when I get it removed later today...)

2.) Serial is 26627XX. Research I've done on the ‘net so far indicates a February - March '44 build date. Any additional info, or links to where I can find more specific build date data appreciated. Also, any information regarding markings I should look for as I disassemble the rifle would be helpful.

3.) References or links to an experienced M1 Garand gunsmith in the Austin, Texas area (for a function and safety check when my cleaning/refurb is complete)

I'm completely new to the M1 Garand, and learning as fast as I can I've only been collecting milsurps for a couple of years and have two RC K98's, a Mosin 91/30, a HK G3/91 and a few SKS's in my safe (also a Romanian SAR-1, but that doesn't count as milsurp, IMO). Really enjoy learning about the history of each new acquisition and this M1 Garand is by far the most interesting piece I’ve encountered.

Couple of pics:


Thanks CMP, I'll be back for a USGI issue when I can afford it!

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Welcome aboard.

You have a beech stock which is very common on the Dane-return Garands. The Danes had their own replacement stocks (usually in beech) but also stamped serial numbers on the USGI stock.

As far as info on parts numbers, the best way to research those is to buy Scott Duff's book.

Not aware of any Garand smiths around Austin. In Texas you have Clayton at West Texas Ordnance who has an excellent rep for quality work.

I also have a variety of milsurps accumulated in the past 4 years since I've gotten my C&R FFL. The Garand is still the favorite son and I bought my first one in 1977.
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Old 12-11-2004, 05:49 AM   #3
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Thanks for the info and that link, I'll check into WTO for any services I need.

Question -- I have run into a problem getting the bolt to close. The op rod only moves about 1/4" or so. I have pushed the follower completely down with the safety both on/off and worked the op rod, I am still unable to close the bolt. I was able to get the trigger group rotated out (but not out of the stock), but the receiver would still not come out, probably because the bolt is still open. There is some metal to metal contact sound when working the op rod the 1/4" that it will move, indicating something is binding. I wondering if I may have a problem here with something mis-aligned and jammed....

Here is how it was situated as it was shipped to me and remains despite my efforts:


Apologies if I'm missing something obvious. Do not want to try forcing anything without doing the research though. Maybe it's just the caked on cosmo...

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for some reason I do not think your op rod catch is disconnecting.Hinge the triggerguard down and pull the trigger assembly straight out of the stock,mayby cosmo has it glued in there pull hard .Now whack on the top back of your stock with the palm of your hand while holding the front handguard with your other hand, the barreled action should come out of the stock.Now you can see whats going on.The action should come out of the stock with the bolt in the retracted position.Try pulling the op rod catch down away from the op rod when you get the stock off this will allow you to put the bolt forward into battery, from there you can detail strip it and inspect for worn or improperly assembled parts.Go to the CMP sight and study up on disassembly and reassemmbly tecniques.
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Old 12-11-2004, 06:18 AM   #5
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heh, never mind, just discovered that yes, you *do* need to push the follower ALL the way down to the bottom of the mag well to release the bolt. At least I didn't catch my thumb

Also, just picked up "M1 Garand Complete Assembly Guide" on eBay...

Up to my elbows in cosmoline, gotta love it
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Old 12-11-2004, 06:23 AM   #6
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You normaly do not have to push the follower all of the way down to release the bolt. I agree that you probably had a op rod catch that was "stuck". I suspect that a thorough cleaning and proper lube will eliminate that problem.

Have fun!!
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Old 12-11-2004, 07:09 AM   #7
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From the looks of the photos the COSMALINE is the culprit.

If you haven't cleaned it 100% to dry metal do so before any other repairs or malfunctions.

I have received 6 M-1's over the years and NEVER seen one gummed up like that.

I suspect everything will function perfectly when she is cleaned up.

An old friend of mine said he received one full of the stuff like that in Europe in the 50's and he took it to the showers with him. He set it in the hottest water he had while he showeree. When the inspection was done on the rifles the Sargent asked "***** how did you get this rifle so clean?" He replied that he had been cleaning guns since he was a kid. The Sargent said " you fellas find out how ***** cleaned his gun and get yours cleaned like that or you all are going to be on KP for a month!
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Go to a Lowe's or Home Depot and get some Mineral Spirits. It will just melt the Cosmoline away. That is one *caked* puppy.

When it's all cleaned up, make sure you oil the dark parts and grease the shiny ones. That's the lubrication rule with the M1.

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Oooo...that nasty Danish cosmoline. I've never run into anything quite like it. The fastest way I found to get rid of it is to pour boiling water over it. Tough stuff to dissolve even with gasoline.

Along the boiling water line, you can drop the smaller parts into a pan of boling water. The melted grease should float to the surface.
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Looks like it out to clean up nicely. The green color of the receiver is very nice.
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1st cmp rack grade Dane

The last one I got from CMP was also a Dane that looked EXACTLY like that ...nothing would move, the cosmo was so dried and caked, iit was all stuck. The more I cleaned, the more I loved it, as it was a complete arsenal re-built SA with all but 3 parts (other than the action) marked PB (pietro beretta). the finish is coal black, and it also has the European beech stock , which is an eye-catcher (if you can find or make matching handguards...It is the BEST loking Garand I've got...I think you are in for some pleasant surprises !!! this link will show you what you may expect..Enjoy , and follow the advise above for the cleaning ...

Garand slideshow:

Semper Fi !!
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John: I edited the link to you pictures. The looooooong URLs make the page display go flooey (that's technical computer jargon).
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Old 12-12-2004, 02:25 AM   #13
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Well, I finally got it cleaned up. One thing about the cosmoline, it's nasty, but sure serves it intended purpose; not a bit of rust anywhere, all the metal is pristine.

Looks like I may have a SA rearmoured barrel with a 7/50 date:
Wondering what the faint Roman "IV" designation means. Bore looks real good (after about 20 patches).

Three sessions with Bix stripper and the stock & handgaurds look pretty good. Couple of minor cracks in the HG's but no big deal (epoxy time). Nice wood, I'm thinking Minwax dark walnut and a tung oil finish...

Looking forward to an enjoyable 9 week or so refurb. I'll post a few pics as it comes along.

Thanks for the feedback guys

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