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Danish ammo ?

I just picked up some Danish ammo at a gunshow and realized that I have 2 differnt headstamps . One AMA 80 and AMA 90 just wondered which one is more accurate out of a Garand ? I picked up 192 rds of AMA 80 in a can in bandoleers with clips for $79 out the door and 80 rds of AMA 90 for $24 out the door is this a fair price or did I get screwed ?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Danish ammo ?

Originally Posted by baker1972
I just wondered which one is more accurate out of a Garand ?
Every rifle is an individual, so generalizations like "AMA 90 shoots better than AMA 80" cannot be made.

Try them both and see which your rifle likes best. It may do better with something else altogether, like Korean or US M2 ball.
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Thanks for your reply .
I wanted someone to share their experiences with one ,the other or both and their opinions .
I fully realize that each rifle is different . I just was looking for a consenses on which was thought to be more accurate of the 2 .
I will give them a try .
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Something like .41 and .30 a round is what you paid. For nonreloadable ammo it's kind of high when you can get Korean PS or LC for around .19-.25 a round delivered. Course the clips and bandoleers add value. Figure about $25 worth of clips at .75 each and your average cost per round was about .28. Not too bad and WAY better than what you'd have paid in a retail store but I'd rather have some brass I can reuse/sell.
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Most of my Garands that have had the Danish ammo shot out of them, liked the 90 (purple primer sealer) better than the 80's (green sealer) stuff...
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I just picked up 144 rounds of AMA 90 for $51.00 OTD. at the Harrisburg Pa. show yesterday. I 've heard good things about this ammo, looking forward to getting out with it. Is the brass reloadable? I 've already got about 200 empties (LC & PS) but it never hurts to have a backstock. Besides, I just picked up 18 more en-blocs and 3 spiffy bandoleers.
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The Danish 30.06 is Berdan primed. Unless you have the tools and the primers I'd consider it nonreloadable. That's the main reason I never bought it. Might be great ammo but for range use, which is all any of us will ever use it for it's just too expensive when you figure in the brass going in the trash or to the recylcer. Just too much decent 30.06 ammo available that's cheaper and reloadable.
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