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Best place to buy GI walnut or birch stocks?

In case I have to replace the stock on my Greek RG when it arrives, who has the best price on a decent USGI surplus stock?
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Boyd's walnut stock set, $79.00..............
Weinig is supposed to be better........but costs more..
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For USGI surplus try Doug at

I've gotten a few from him that refinished nicely.
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Old 10-03-2004, 06:22 PM   #4
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Doug looks like a pretty good deal. I try to stay away from Boyds stocks, as they are too "fat."
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Funny how things change....

I remember when people used to pay more for FAT ... I mean match stocks....

I've been lucky with Boyds, and they do trim down nicely.... it is easier to trim and shape a stock than to add material to it....

None the less, there are some very nices stocks and pieces of wood out there....

I've gotten some of the best looking stocks I have from surplus... and from people looking to toss them.

Good luck,

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Old 10-03-2004, 07:19 PM   #6
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I kind of like Boyd's stocks better. I don't mind a little more meat on my stock.
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Old 10-03-2004, 07:21 PM   #7
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I have shot my M1 with both the Boyt and a tight fitting G.I stock. The Boyt felt much better. It is not "fat" when you compare it to late M14 wood stocks, those really were fat.

The dimensions on the Boyt are no more than 1/8th inch greater than the same dimensions on a G.I. WWll stock. If you don't like it, sand it.

One thing that should be done (this is mentioned on the CMP site also) is to break all the sharp corners. You do not want wood hanging outside the contour of the buttplate. This is inviting a huge ugly chip. Also, by radiusing the front rail areas, it will make them less likely to dent.

G.I. stocks are nice, but they are more prone to crack and break than the Boyt profile stocks, this is why late production M1's and late arsenal stocks are bigger (fatter) than the earlier stocks.
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Old 10-03-2004, 07:45 PM   #8
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After 2 Boyds stocks that didn't fit right on my M1A (receiver heel gap, plus too fat), I don't plan on going back. I can't stand oversize rifle stocks, they are anathema to me!

USGI only from now on.
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Old 10-04-2004, 04:21 AM   #9
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GI stocks are for sale on eBay but many have been sanded down over the years and are pretty loose, which doesn't help accuracy. There are starting to be some counterfeits as well, obviously Boyds stocks with perfect cartouches offered as USGI.

Beware Boyds sets. I bought four sets and measured them against several USGI stocks with a calipers. The post is probably here somewhere. It was no less than 0.100" and as much as 0.300" larger than any of the GI stocks. 1/8" is 0.125, so that's a darned big 1/8th.....

Getting a stock set on a Garand is easy. Getting it to fit so accuracy is maximized is not so easy. The wood on the Boyds sets is pretty nice, although I always stripped off the finish. And they are the cheapest wood stocks you can buy, I think you can buy them direct for $79 plus shipping.

I've fitted a number of Boyds stocks, using wood chisels, a spokeshave, and sandpaper to get it closer to GI specs and to get a tight fit. The handguards are a pain in the butt. Check your accuracy on a zero target before and after - the zero will change and the rifle should shoot better, but some Boyds stocks are loose in ways that don't help accuracy and can't be shimmed under JC Garand rules.

You can buy the Wenig sets for $125, or you can buy a fitted, unfinished set from Dean's Guns for $155. He sells the stock metal at very reasonable prices. I finished one with 6-7 coats of TruOil, sanded down to wood after each coat and buffed out with steel wool, so I would have a hard, stable finish that still looks GI.

When I get home I have Gus Fisher's directions on fitting Boyds stocks and pictures, I'll post it later this week.
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Boyds are actually really nice stocks. I have one and love it and when it goes to the range, people compliment the heck out of it.
Gun shows are usually a good place to find stocks, Dougs stock pile is good as well. Besure to read fully the stock description because alot are beat up and hairline cracked. I bought several from Gun smiths and got lucky and got matching Hand guards. Epay is also a good source but, you will pay. Good luck!
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