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New Boyd Stock

I just received my new Boyd stock. They had been out for some time. I got the unfinished walnut $81 + change to my door. It appears muuuuch slimmer than the one I got about a year ago. Maybe almost too thin as there is very little exposed around the the buttplate. In fact it has a slightly slimmer profile than the CMP stock I got last fall. All I have had time to do is try a receiver in it and it is veeeerrrrry tight. Some of the cut channels seem to be a little off so there is going to be some work done. The handguards are much slimmer also. The trigger I tried did not come close to locking. Some work to do but over all I am pleased. It will dress the six digit woodless I got last summer at the south store. It has a very nice VAR barrel (ME about 1) and I think it will become my JCG match rifle if everything else works like it "spose" to. As always your mileage may vary. It seems like Boyd is a hit and miss kind a thing.
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Maybe they're tired of the complaints.

I've contended they'd keep making those obese stocks as long people were buying them.
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or maybe they finally realized they could cut their wood costs by 20% and cut shipping too by delivering the correct product.

Naaaaaaaw, it's boyd's. your stock was a mistake.
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delloro quote "Naaaaaaaw, it's boyd's. your stock was a mistake."
Funny stuff. I sent a stock back to them one time because every receiver I had (3 at the time)was giving about 1/16 play front to back in the stock. After they got it back they called and said they tried there shop receiver in it and it was tight . When I told him that was peculiar because I had tried 3 different receivers with the same results, he just said they would refund my money. It cost me the shipping though . More peculiar was about the same time a friend of mine got one that was very tight. I thought I would give them one more shot after they supposedly did some changes. We'll see if they can stay consistent with their stocks and maybe some others could report after they get one.
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They probably have a Winchester receiver.

I was told by a source "in the know" that Boyds was given a WRA stock to use as a pattern when they first started out. This seems a plausible story as my own WRA stock was noticably fatter than SA's. Supposedly Boyds added additional wood for future reconditioning ala military. That's fine for the military who beats stocks up and sands them repeatedly but civilians don't beat them and sand/re-sand them.

So far I've got four stocks made by Boyds (DuPage, Boyds WWII profile (2) & Fat Boyds) and only griped about the Fat Boyds when I was removing the excess wood. I've had no issues with receiver fit.

Actually, I can't gripe too much about the one Fat Boyds. It was on sale and cost less than $40 I didn't have anything else to do that winter.
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Last Boyd's I looked at was closer to a rounded off Blank than a buttstock. I don't have access to a fully-machined Carpenter-Shop to do a Boyd's. I'll stick to DGR-Prepped Wenigs.
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The first two Boyd stocks were pretty good. The last Boyd I got was a fat boy, but still useable. If all the Boyd stock had been as good as the first two I might have continued buying them. The last M1 stock I got was a Wenigs. The wood on the Wenig was real nice for a standard unfinished stock.
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