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CMP HRA receivers

Any word on the condition of the Grade B HRA receivers and the HRA barreled receivers? I'm thinking of building up a Garand over the course of the next few months and think I may do an HRA since I already have a Springfield. Thanks!
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Barreled receivers, according to reports, have been.......

......exceptional with low numbers on the throats and muzzles.

This is pretty much what you would expect as these were put into storage in the 1970's as reserve pieces to be rebuilt at such time as a need might present itself. In other words, what was saved was likely service grade or better. Scrap rifles probably were just that.....scrapped.

I have seen what I would consider long numbers on throat erosion reported (3.0). But, even those numbers are within service specs, so you will get a serviceable rifle unless you ask for too many other variables like serial number ranges, park condition, etc., etc. You might try a sticky note asking for good numbers on the muzzle and throat first and specifying a receiver manufacturer as a second priority. Think of it this way....the more variables you put in the equation, the smaller the number of barreled receivers CMP can choose from to fill your order and the greater the likelihood that one of those variables can't be met. Expect an item that has been pretty heavily sandblasted from reports, but the finish has been reported to pretty good. Just a suggestion and report on what I've read on the various forums.
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Actually the HRA receivers look pretty good. BUT, if you expect to buy an HRA op rod, or bolt cheap, forget the project. All of the remaining parts are not cheap. If you already have HRA parts go ahead, for sure.
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In all honesty I'm not too concerned with having all HRA parts. I'm going for a shooter (my SA is all SA parts) so it dosne't matter. to me, if it's a mixmaster. Of course, I'll try and get as many HRA as possiable but I'm not overly worried about it. Thanks for the replies thus far.
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I got two, both are refinished very nicely. med to dark grey rec. and dark grey barrels. They look almost new. No rebuild numbers either.

I don't have gages but with the bullet test muzzle wear was almost 1/4 inch on one and just shy of 3/16 on the other. one was a 5.7 mil and the other was a 4.6 mil. O and both were the original H&R barrels.

I too am not overly concerned about all HRA parts, but I'll buy them if available as long as it's not considered nonconsentual sex.
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I have a greek rack grade H&R that I had a Wilson barrel put on and then fitted a Boyd's stock myself ( no small project ) - the gun holds the 10 ring at 200 without a problem. - From NJ as well - so contact me here if you want more info.

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Is there any quality differences between SA and HRA. I always felt that SA held tighter specs because of there experience and long production.
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Old 11-26-2006, 03:07 AM   #8
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HRA and SA both the same.....

.....but some prefer one, some the other. Parts interchange since both were spec built. As far as fit and finish, nothing better than HRA. The rifles from SA were just a tiny bit less well done in my opinion. But as far as quality, there's no doubt one's as good as the other.

HRA did use a Hart trigger group once upon a time that was reported to be the best ever put in an M1. They will run you quite a bit extra if you can find one.

The best barrels were the LMR barrels out of Alabama and are still looked upon as prized items. Some HRA's came with these new and many of all manufactures were refitted with LMR barrel as these worked their way through supply. I've seen armorers talk about using these for match rifles even through the early 80's when they could be found in the supply system of the military. I am speaking from a collector's point of view.

I doubt any of the older barrels will go any better than the new barrels on the retail market. Besides, who wants to shoot up a $400-1200 collector barrel when CMP sells a superior barrel for $165 and change. Doesn't make any sense.

There were a couple of bad items here and there such as a bad heat lot of WWII SA bolts and some brittle numbered sight covers that were actually case-hardened and the issue of modifying op rods to prevent breakage during WWII.

The cost differential of various parts manufacturers is strictly associated with the desirability of items for restorations and has nothing I can determine to do with any quality issues. Some old time parts dealers used to sell one for the same price as another, but I suspect you won't find that anymore as a general rule except on eBay where someone is cleaning out an estate and doesn't know the worth of the individual items or individual manufacturers.

Hope this information helps in making decisions.
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