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Maintenance schedule for the Garand

I find the M1 easy to break down and reassemble, but not as easy as an SKS. I'm wondering how often a complete breakdown and cleaning is required. I will shoot once or twice on the weekend, but not every weekend. I will fire 40 to 80 rounds each session.

If I'm not going to be shooting for a while, I will break the gun down, thoroughly clean everything, grease with Lubriplate and lube with Breakfree and store away. But I'm wondering how often I need to do that when I'm using the gun regularly. Perhaps I just need to clean the barrel and chamber each time I shoot, then hose the receiver and trigger group down with Brakleen or Powder Blast, while assembled.

I don't want to overdo it, but I definitely want to preserve my Correct Grade garand. Any advice would be appreciated.
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During the highpower match season which runs between January and October, I will clean the rifleís bore and chamber after a match, and wipe the soot off the op rod, run an oily cloth over all the metal, and grease as necessary, but I will not squirt anything in the trigger group or break the rifle down until the end of the season.

Even that is probably not necessary, since even after a full season of monthly matches (88 rounds for the highpower match and another 35 for the Garand match) the innards of the rifle really donít get particularly dirty or sooty especially if I use IMR powders. Some brass will leave little bitty flecks of brass strewn around inside, but they do not seem to constitute a function problem. I just donít like unhooking the rifle unless I have to. These things are not like ARs, which want to be cleaned right down to the last o-ring every time you use Ďem.

The one place where I have been embarrassed is that portion of the op-rod that goes inside the gas cylinder with the bolt closed. Inattention there cost me a smear of rust one year. What a crappy shock that was. It rubbed off with a rag and solvent, but a portion of the rod was discolored from it. Now I am liberal with oil on the external surface of the op rod especially where it fits into the gas cylinder.
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Thanks for the good info. Yes, CMP does advise that after lubing one is to run their greasy fingers over the portion of the rod that goes in to the gas cylinder. Again, thanks for the help.
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